the rising popularity of deep house in NYC Nightlife

Much like a properly executed DJ set, deep and tech house have been steadily gaining momentum– and in New York’s nightlife scene they seem on the verge of bursting into the mainstream.

With an increasing number of clubs featuring deep house / tech house nights, and well known DJs within the genres increasingly in demand— we expect to see a lot more parties featuring deep house / tech house making an appearance in the city.

For those who are unfamiliar with the genres—deep and tech house are far subtler than the big room house currently prominent in the club scene. Gone are the huge ‘drops’ and the ‘voop voop voop’ noises. Instead, they feature deep, rubbery base and “consistency in tempo and mood that allows the properly configured person to drift to the fringes of a trance like state.(source)
Deep house / tech house have long been the preferred musical backdrop of discerning dancers—and we are happy to see them becoming more accessible in NYC’s nightlife scene.

To find out where these genres are headed, and what it means for nightlife in NYC- we recruited a stellar line-up of New York based DJs that would be enough to make any music savvy club owner jealous: Jack Mulqueen, DJ and Booking Agent at NUEAgency, Nadav Vee, a DJ / producer who is synonymous with the jetset party scene and Mike Henderson (aka ENDO), a DJ / producer and tour manager for some of the biggest names in EDM.

Anyone who is at all familiar with the deep house / tech house scene, or with NYC nightlife in general, already knows how awesome these DJs are. We have seen each of them spin, and can testify that their skill as DJs and knowledge of the music scene are absolutely world class.
If you like EDM, these are definitely some names to follow. Lets hear what these experts have to say.


Jack Mulqueen NYC DJ v4

DJ Jack Mulqueen spinning

SY: How would you describe your sound?

JM: My sound is very malleable, contingent on the crowd I’m playing for, the room I’m playing, timing, and how I’m feeling. There are so many variations that fall under the “Deep/Tech” umbrella, many of them have similar traits, but project different vibes. I prefer to veer away from “emotional” pieces, towards more upbeat deep techno beats with tribal percussion.

SY: Would you agree that deep house / tech house has become more popular in NYC over the last few months?

JM: Deep House and Techno have certainly swelled and soared in popularity, corollary with this first generation of EDM boomers growing older and looking for a more refined sound. People have always looked across the Atlantic to upcoming trends, and Underground Electronic is the rage there right now.

Legendary clubs like Cavo Paradiso and Pacha Ibiza do an excellent job of featuring premier talent from both Underground and Commercial electronic, and we’re seeing super-clubs in the US like Story and Marquee follow suit.

Perhaps more interesting is the nightclubs opening that only feature underground programming, like Output, Verboten, Sankeys, and the soon-to-be opened Space. NYC has always been the global cultural epicenter of the US so it’s no surprise to see it leading the way in the music sphere also.

SY: Where do you see the deep house / tech house scene heading over the next couple years—both in NYC and globally?

JM: NYC’s scene will continue to grow as Deep/Techno becomes ingrained within the fabric of our culture- I could easily see it permeating the art and fashion world- it’s trending in that direction and all the “cool kids” are starting to embrace it as their own.

Whether secondary and tertiary markets outside of big cities will develop in the same way is the big question mark, and Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL tour last fall was an excellent barometer of that. The tour, featuring Loco Dice, amongst others, sold out 2,000 cap rooms like Webster Hall in major markets, but was incapable of selling more than 50 tickets in small markets like Urbana-Champagne, even though the latter is a college town.

If big US tours ultimately can’t sustain, then artists will stay in Europe where they can make more money, and that’s where the ceiling will be. Local artists will enjoy more opportunities as more venues shift their programming to involve deep nights.

SY: Where can we find you spinning this fall?

JM: Lately I’ve been playing at B&Co, VIP Room, Provocateur, Finale, and Lil Charlie’s. Expect a monthly Thursday gig at Le Baron commencing in November.

SY: What are your favorite parties or clubs around NYC and what do you think makes them great?

JM: Output is my favorite club in New York City but as its popularity has grown I’ve seen them push the venue overcapacity a couple of times which they need to do a better job of moderating. It certainly has raised the bar from a nightlife perspective though- doing rid of the conventional hierarchical mentality of nightlife, by making everyone peers. Additionally, the lack of reflective surfaces and the prohibiting of photographs makes sure everyone is much more present which certainly adds to the atmosphere.

Provocateur will always be a favorite of mine, a combination of beautiful people, an intimate room, and quality music. It’s the apex of international nightlife.

Listen to one of Jack’s Sets:




Nadav Vee for Social Yeti v2

DJ / Producer Nadav Vee

SY: How would you describe your sound?

NV: I would best describe my sound as a hybrid of the sub genres of deep house & tech house. There are many different styles and sounds under the umbrellas of deep and tech house. I’m drawn to groovy percussion, warm baselines and kicks, and deep, spacey sounds; And groove is a beautiful word I like to follow.

I prepare myself before each set by trying to visualize the venue, the audience, and how I fit in all of this with the music. The sound system and set time play a big factor in helping me choose what I play. In general, I prefer to build it slowly and get to the ‘oh yeah’ moment when the time is right. I know exactly what I’m doing behind the decks, I invite you to come and listen.

SY: Where do you see the deep house / tech house scene heading over the next couple years—both in NYC and globally?

NV: The scene in NYC and in the rest of the US is finally re-awakening. However it did not happen overnight. As more and more New Yorkers travel to Ibiza, other parts of Europe, BPM in Mexico, and other festivals around the world where techno, tech house and deep house have already made its way to the main stage, they hear this more “sophisticated” sound. I find that they come back to the NYC wanting to hear more of it.

As new venues are popping up all over NYC, I feel that the music scene and the people attending are becoming more open minded. Off the top of my head, four of the new nightclubs in NYC are encompassed around these genres. Over the next couple of years, these genres will rise to the mainstream. The NYC “underground scene” was great years ago and is now making a comeback. It’s obviously good for me, and very good for everyone that truly enjoys the music. Having options is never bad!

SY: Where can we find you spinning this fall?

NV: You can find me at my residency at Provocateur or at my guest appearances at Marquee on occasion on Friday nights. There are also some local festivals and new venues opening up so I’m definitely hoping to be a part of the lineup as I have been thus far (calling all club owners.. ;) )

SY: What are your favorite parties or clubs around NYC and what do you think makes them great?

NV: Sorry in advance if I forget any but just to name a few:

Provocateur has a wide range of DJs on its roster- on some nights you can hear techno, and on other nights commercial house. I truly believe that Provocateur is an integral part of the change that’s happening in NYC nightlife.

Party Monsters— I recently played at the Party Monsters Halloween party along with my brother Vanjee and Jamie Jones. It had an amazing turnout… all in all a great party with unique visuals and production. I think everyone that came had a great time, so definitely keep your eyes open for what’s next from the Monsters.

Babel New York has been hosting a number of parties in the city and I’m sure you will hear the name a lot more in the near future.

Verboten StageOne and the new Verboten Nightclub opening soon. Good line ups.

Output in Brooklyn has been successfully bringing that Berlin touch to New York & it has an amazing sound system. It is definitely a club you want to check out.

Music On with Marco Carola and guests at Marquee.

Robot Heart brings the party back from the playa (Burning Man) to NY with their great sound system, DJs, and amazing production – it is definitely a huge part of the change.

Also: Resolute, BlkMarket, Bang On NYC, Yippies, Disorient

You didn’t ask me about parties outside NY, but I’d say it anyway – Burning Man is a must! Well, it’s not a really considered a party… Or is it?

Listen to one of Nadav’s Sets:




ENDO - spinning a tech house - deep house set

ENDO spinning at Treehouse Miami

SY: How would you describe your sound?

EN: My sound varies of course from club to club of course, but for the most part deep but pumping deep house and groovy tech house. As a general theme most of my tracks are very music heavy. Being a musician all of my life, I always go for tracks with good melodies, vocals, basslines and ideas.

SY: Where do you see the deep house / tech house scene heading over the next couple years—both in NYC and globally?

EN: Deep House is really killing it in the underground scene globally and is making its way into the mainstream as well. People love it because it’s GOOD MUSIC. Good music is making a comeback.

This year’s superstars in this world include Dixon (Innervisions), Hot Since 82, Maceo Plex and Tale of Us are all putting out and playing great music and building a huge hype for it every where they go. I really think that is the sound right now.

But on the flip side there are so many other scenes in electronic music. “All the kids want Techno” right now and people like Nicole Moudaber, Carl Cox and Dubfire are destroying everyone in their paths. It’s amazing how many girls are in the techno scene now too which is a good sign.

Tech House to me is just steady rocking and will be for a long time. It keeps the dance floor moving. In NYC right now, the scene is literally about to explode. It has already, but I’m talking like it’s going to be WMC 24 hours a day in NYC but better. You will have the option of going to countless clubs to see the best DJs in the world at any given time. This year will go down in history for NYC. It already has. It is the new Dance Capitol of the world.

SY: Where can we find you spinning this fall?

EN: There are a lot of things brewing right now for 2014. I’m doing my Advanced Traktor workshops all over the world and will be doing my Traktor workshop and gigs at the best clubs in Costa Rica, Denver, and there are tons of cities being negotiated right now so I don’t want to say anything until it’s official!

I’m working on an Island Tour where we will be doing workshops and I’ll be DJing and clubs in far away dots in the ocean. In NYC I am working with my agent to find a proper residency for me in the city and we have a couple of clubs targeted. Also I am speaking with some of the more underground warehouse party crew to do some stuff in the underground as well. Stay tuned!

SY: What are your favorite parties or clubs around NYC and what do you think makes them great?

EN: My favorite club in NYC as of now has to be Output, just because they are booking such great DJs, the sound system is amazing, and I love the other rooms that they have open now as well and their outdoor parties are amazing.

Also Robot Heart recently did a warehouse party in some airplane hangar that set the bar really high!

Underground promoters Black Market and Resolute are risking it all every weekend to bring us warehouse parties and renegade parties all over the city that are awesome.

Listen to one of ENDO’s Sets: