5 Essential NYC Nightlife Parties v2
New Year’s Eve has just passed… and we only have one thing to say: good riddance.

If you were unfortunate enough to find yourself in an NYC nightclub– you probably realize how terrible New York NYE parties are.

NYE may be the biggest party day of the year— but it is also NYC nightlife at its very worst.

It is 100% amateur hour.

If you want to experience New York nightlife at its best– then forget about New Year’s Eve.

To experience New York at its best- these are the parties that you need to check out– and — the great part is– they probably won’t cost you any more than a ticket to that terrible NYE party you went to.

So without further delay– here is our list of the best experiences NYC nightlife has to offer.

Top 5 Experiences in NYC Nightlife

Tiesto Performing at Provocateur NYC

Tiesto performing at Provocateur during Fall fashion week 2013 – source: Social Yeti

A Fashion Week Party at Provocateur

New York’s best parties pretty much all happen during fashion week. 

It’s that simple.

And, one fashion week party is consistently better than all the rest…

Which party is that– you might ask?

Its Provocateur’s.

During fashion week, the sexiest humans alive fly in from all corners of the world and every last one of those sexy mother f*ckers seems to somehow end up at Provocateur.

You might think we are exaggerating– but we are not.

The people at this party are so god damn sexy that your eyeballs will have a boner…

or, at least they would if that was possible.

This party is outstanding in every way– but the way that it is most outstanding is the way in which you will be ‘out, standing’ at the door all night because you couldn’t get in.

In other words– this is one of the toughest parties all year to get into… we wish you luck.

What you will see there:  A room full of leggy models rocking out—and a few guys that might be James Bond.  Also expect a famous international DJ every night of the week (past DJs have included Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Pete Tong, Jamie Jones– and pretty much every other huge DJ)

When:  Several parties during both Spring and Fall fashion weeks

How you can go to this party – Getting in is tougher than tough.  Even people who are willing to spend large amounts of money will need connections.

What’s it going to cost?  Upwards of $1,000 per person for bottle service

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More from Provocateur during Fashion Week:


Line Outside of Provocateur during Fall Fashion week 2012 – source: Social Yeti’s iPhone

calvin harris performs at provocateur nightclub NYC

Calvin Harris DJs at Provocateur during Fall fashion week 2012- source: Social Yeti



club brunch party NYC - Boozy Brunch

Day & Night Brunch Party- source: Social Yeti

A Boozy ‘EDM’ Brunch Party

New York’s Saturday boozy brunch parties are some of the best parties in the city.  These parties are pretty much the only place in the New York where you might find yourself enjoying a delicious meal one moment, and dancing on a table top spraying the crowd with champagne the next… all without leaving your table.

The crowds are sexy, the champagne is flowing and the EDM music is pumping—what’s not to like?

Our favorite brunch parties are Lavo Brunch (click to read more) and Day & Night Brunch (click to read more) – but there are many other options as well (click to read more).

What you will see there:  French toast and French fashion models.

When:  Every Saturday afternoon

How you can go to this party – Make reservations in advance.

What’s it going to cost? On average, somewhere between $175 to + $350 per person, which gets you food, drinks and permission to dance on the table 

The Scene at Lavo Brunch


Verboten NYC

Verboten party – source

An ‘underground’  Loft Party

Loft / Warehouse parties have a totally different feel than the ‘models, movie stars and moguls’ parties that happen in the Meatpacking district.

At loft parties – there are no ‘VIPs’ ,  there is no bottle service or fancy shiny decorations.  There is no Doorman telling you that you are not cool enough to come in—and there are no cheesy DJs playing the same top 40 pop songs that you will hear everywhere else.

Instead—there is just a room filled with friendly people of various shapes, sizes and backgrounds—all looking for a fun time without the pretentious attitude of mainstream NYC nightlife.

If that sounds good – you may want to check out these NYC loft style parties:

  • Verboten – Berlin style underground house / techno parties held at different venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn.   Read more about them here
  • Mister Saturday Night – The Mister Saturday & Mister Sunday parties have one of the strongest followings of any of the NYC loft style parties—and for a good reason; they consistently deliver a good time.   Music is mostly soulful deep house.   Find out more by clicking here
  • Blk|Market Membership –  Warehouse parties focused around international underground house DJs – read more here

What you will see there:  fun loving nightlife people of all types, cutting edge music (mostly deep house / tech house)—no pretentious people, or bottle service

When:  They happen every week- you just need to know where to find them.

How you can go to a loft party: Signup for their email newsletters (visit the links above) so you can find out when they are happening / buy advance tickets- everyone is welcome and its a pretty cool scene, especially if you’re tired of dealing with mainstream NYC clubs.

What’s it going to cost? Cover charge ($10 – $40) + drinks (usually under $10 for a cocktail)


Swimclub @ the Dream Downtown – source: Social Yeti

Exclusive Summertime Pool Parties

In the summer time- several hotel around New York host excellent pool parties.

These parties combine the sexy / sophisticated crowd of NYC’s exclusive nightclubs, EDM DJs and a dash of Summer-sun.

In the past- some of the best pool parties have been held at the Dream Downtown (more), Gansevoort Park (click for more), and Gansevoort Meatpacking— we expect that they will have more excellent parties for us in 2014.

Read more:  here and here

What you will see there:  A sexy NYC crowd in their bathing suits- partying poolside. 

When:  throughout the week during the summer time. 

How you can get in:  Make reservations in advance—some parties are more exclusive than others and you might have to spring for bottle service.

What’s it going to cost?  Depends on the party & the day in question.  Entrance ranges from free up to +$300 per person.



Exclusive Party at the Top of the Standard - AKA the Boom Boom Room

A party at the Boom Boom Room aka The Top of The Standard – source

Special Events at the Boom Boom Room aka Top of the Standard

The Boom Boom Room is the most beautiful space in the city.  It has incredible views, plush booth style seating, an expansive rooftop area, plenty of hidden nooks to explore and bathrooms that you have to see to believe.

In terms of decoration and ambiance—nothing in New York comes close to the Boom Boom Room.

However,   during most normal nights—the  Boom Boom Room is pretty empty.   It is just so exclusive that no one can get in.

Because the Boom Boom Room is usually quite dead—you really have to go there for a special event to get the full experience.    Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to get invited.

What you will see there:  striking views, and an elite crowd.

When:  Fashion week, and sporadically throughout the year.     

How you can get in:  You will need to know someone that can put you on the list.   

What’s it going to cost?  –  You won’t be able to buy your way into these parties

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