6 Reasons not to go to an NYC NYE Party

New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the biggest party days on earth.  People come from all over the world to experience it….

But they probably shouldn’t.

Here are 6 reasons why you should not go to a New Year’s Eve party.

#1 You’ll Never Find a Cab

On New Year’s, it’s not the clubs that turn people away, it is the CABS that turn people away.  Empty taxis, normally plentiful in NYC, are suddenly the city’s hottest commodity…. It can take you 30 minutes to just find a cab!  It’s almost like… being in San Francisco (yuck) or something—I just puked in my mouth a bit thinking about it.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a cab on New Year’s Eve between the hours of 11:00PM and 4:30AM—don’t get your hopes up—because you are going to wait a while.

And—when you finally do get a cab, there is a good chance that some overzealous partier has left a little ‘happy new year’ puke in it.  Yay 2014!

#2 You’ve Never Waited so Long to Get a Drink

When a party advertises that it has a 3 hour open bar,  I usually assume that the ‘3 hour’ part of that sentence describes how long  I will have wait to get a drink.

It may be an ‘open bar’ but those drinks are not free—you’ve got to pay for them in minutes.

#3 Its Amateur Hour

Normally, nightlife in NYC is sophisticated and refined.  On New Year’s Eve—all of that goes out the window.  People that don’t usually go out are mobilized en mass —and they are making all the usual mistakes.  Never will you see more fights, and people drinking themselves sick, than you will on New Year’s Eve.

In other words—if ‘regular’ NYC nightlife is a bottle of Grey Goose—NYC on NYE is a $6.00 handle of Popov.

#4 The Flood Gates Are Open

While we agree that it is a good thing to have lots of people at a party—there is definitely such a thing as ‘too many’ people.

If you are not careful about the party you pick—what you end up at might feel more like a sweaty mosh pit than an exciting start to a new year.

#5 False Optimism

New Year’s Eve is without a doubt the most over-hyped party day of the year.   People go into it with impossibly lofty expectations—and if there were ever a recipe for disappointment, the first ingredient would be a healthy dose of unrealistic optimism– I mean… just look at how Obamacare turned out, right?  (Haha– Just kidding Barak).