Things That Will Get You Rejected From an NYC Nightclub

NYC Nightclub doormen can be picky about who they let in. If you are keen to get into one of the city’s most in demand nightlife spots– you’re going to have to learn to avoid making any of these common nightlife mistakes.

or- as I call them, ‘ nightlife no nos’

Here are 8 things that you should never do in a nightclub.

How Not to Get Into New York City Nightclubs

Wear Business Casual

What to wear to a nightclub

Business casual may be able to get you ‘into’ a sweet job as a mid-tier corporate stooge- but it definitely won’t get you into an exclusive NYC nightclub. Leave the khakis where they belong – in your grandfather’s closet….Peace, Love Gap!

Be Excessively Timid

dont be timid - Social Yeti - Clubs in NYC

“Shyness is nice and- Shyness can stop you- From doing all the things in life- You’d like to” – Morrissey
… Confidence is key! Just listen to Morrissey

Wear Baggy Clothing

Dont wear baggy clothes - Social Yeti - NYC Bottle Service

We understand that the economy is tough right now. But, a night out at an NYC nightclub is not the time to bust out your big bro’s hand me downs. Make sure whatever you wear fits.



dont wear Sandles - NYC Lounges



Let Your Ego Do the Talking

Dont have an ego when you go to NYC nightclubs
We are not a fan of mandatory coat check. But mandatory ego check? – that is something we can get behind

Behave Aggressively

Dont behave aggresively at clubs in NYC - NYC bottle service

This isn’t the Serengeti- and you are not a wildebeest, no aggressive behavior please


Try Too Hard

Try to hard- NYC Lounges

Remember, desperation is a stinky cologne. Do a quick smell test before you leave the house


Sport Ed Hardy

Dont wear Ed Hardy to NYC Nightclubs

Sorry, Ed Hardy is not on the list.

So before you head out tonight– give yourself a quick check and make sure that you are not guilty of any of these nightlight no nos.

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