It began about two years after we moved to New York. We were going out about 4 nights a week, and had been to pretty much every bar, club or lounge worth going to in New York.
We became so knowledgeable about New York’s nightlife offerings– that friends started to take notice. Facebook friends started regularly hitting us up– asking for advice about which clubs & lounges they should go to, how to get in, and what it was going to cost.
We figured that if this many of our Facebook friends were asking us these questions– there must be thousands of others out there with the same problem: There wasn’t a good online resource for people to find the right club or lounge for their individual preferences.
We decided to create a site that addressed the shortcomings of other nightlife sites out there. Yelp reviews where biased and inaccurate, other nightlife review sites had information that was out of date or too watered down.

We decided to change all that– and create a guide to NYC clubs and lounges that people would actually use.

After a few days of work in a tiny West Village apartment– a extremely simple website was launched and Social Yeti was born.
We have grown a lot since then– but our goal has been the same since the beginning — give YOU the information that you need to quickly find the right nightlife experience for your budget, and unique tastes.
Since launching in early 2013– the information on our site has helped hundreds of thousands of readers have an awesome night out in New York, and we have personally made reservations for hundreds of satisfied customers.

We are working hard to keep the site up to date– and bring you the information that you need to discover the most exciting clubs & lounges in New York.

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