Are you starting to feel like you’ve been to rack city one to many times?

It may very well be that there are some Niggas in Paris who are going gorillas, and while we may have listened with enthusiasm the first few times that we heard Kayne recount their tale, at some point we eventually grew weary.  We just don’t want to hear the same music, over and over… and over.

If you are one of those people that wants to hear the DJ play something a little different.  Maybe even something that you have not heard before, then read on!
In this post, we will take a look at a few exclusive NYC clubs & lounges that play underground music… the kind of stuff that you have not heard before– but that you cannot get enough of!

Our choice of Elite NYC clubs and lounges that Play Underground Music

Tired of hearing the same songs over and over, we sought out some venues with musical programming that had the power to whisk us away to some European club playing incredible music that we had never heard before.  If new sounds are what you seek, then these exclusive clubs are sure to satisfy.


Le Bain

Le Bain NYC
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With its dark sexy atmosphere, terrific rooftop views, and bleeding edge musical programming; not only is Le Bain a place for Francophiles, it is also a place for Audiophiles.  The music here is consistently excellent and will keep all but the most well versed music lovers on their toes with highly danceable songs that are anything but mainstream.  The DJs here do such a terrific job and the club always has some of the best dance floor energy of any in the city, in our opinion.

The Basement at Le Baron

Le Baron NYC
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While the musical programming upstairs is definitely more Le Baron NYC Nightclub‘pop’ oriented, those in the know that want to hear something a little different head down to the basement to appease their aural fixation.  With its thick fog, red lighting, and high percentage of French clientele, the basement at Le Baron feels more like a party in a secret French club where the guests are there to have a blast and really just don’t give a fuck about anything else.


Provocateur (Nightclub not the Cafe)

Provocateur NYC

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Come 2:00am, Provocateur nightclub ABOSULTELY GOES OFF!  The musical programming here is geared more toward deep house and tech house music, which does an amazing job of building the energy level up and keeping it there.  Not to mention, the excellent layout of the club keeps partiers comfortable even when the house is packed.