The Best Exclusive NYC Clubs to See Big Name DJs

If you like big name international house music DJs, and you like exclusive nightclubs– then this post is for you.

In NYC there are a handful of nightclubs that combine the energy and excitement of big name house music DJs with the upscale crowds of an exclusive bottle service club.

So if you want to check out some of the biggest names in house music, and you want to do it from the comfort of your own bottle service table– these are the clubs that you should check out.

Best Exclusive NYC Clubs to See Big Name DJs

Chuckie perfoming at Marquee NYC Nightclub


Marquee regularly hosts some of the biggest DJs around.  As of this writing, the club brings in popular international DJs on both Fridays and Saturdays.

Fridays are the club’s deep house music parties.  Past DJs include many of the biggest names in deep house, including; Luciano, Art Department, and Jamie Jones.

On Saturdays- Marquee brings in EDM DJs from a variety of genres—past DJs include: Tiesto,  Kaskade, Dash Berlin and Cedric Gervais and Cosmic Gate.

What is the scene like – If a Las Vegas nightclub procreated with an exclusive NYC nightclub, Marquee would be the offspring.   In other words, the parties at Marquee feel like a mixture of the Las Vegas and NYC nightlife scenes.

Getting in – Marquee typically makes a very limited number of presale tickets available—If you are quick  you might be able to snag one for between $40 – $100 bucks. (link to Marquee events).

In the event that tickets are sold out (which is pretty likely) your best bet will be to make bottle service reservations, just don’t expect it to be cheap when these DJs are in town.
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A Peak Inside Marquee

Lavo NYC


Lavo is like Marquee’s older and more refined sister.  She has a bit more nightlife experience, and is a bit more selective about the crowd that she hangs out with.

For people that want to see big name DJs in a more intimate setting than what Marquee offers—Lavo is the perfect choice.

Right now, Lavo brings in a big DJ pretty much every Thursday night.

What is the scene like –  The scene at Lavo is similar to the scene that’s going on at Marquee, but only slightly smaller and with a more selective door.  In other words—its part raging Vegas nightclub, part exclusive NYC club.

If Marquee was 50% Vegas style party and 50% exclusive NYC club—Lavo would be 25% Vegas style party and 75% exclusive NYC club.

Getting in – Like Marquee, Lavo often makes a limited number of pre-sale tickets available—if you’re quick you might be able to snag one.    Otherwise—bottle service is your ticket to getting in.
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A Peak Inside Lavo

Provocateur NYC


Seeing a big name DJ at provocateur is quite an experience… that is if you can manage to get in.  When there is an international EDM DJ spinning at Provocateur, it is pretty much the toughest door in the city.

The nightclub section of Provocateur (where big DJs spin) only holds 200 or 300 people—which is remarkable because some of the DJs that spin here can sell out venues with capacity in the tens of thousands.

The fashion week parties at Provocateur are particularly good, and always feature international EDM DJs.

Provocateur hosts big name EDM DJs at least once or twice a week – especially during fashion week.

What is the scene like – Provocateur attracts a sexy international crowd comprised of agency fashion models and suave European playboys.

Getting in – Bottle service or a bar tab minimum is the only way in here, but you will have to pay out the nose to make it happen.     Remember- the bigger the DJ, the bigger the price.

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A Peak Inside Provocateur