Tiesto DJing at Provocateur during Fall Fashion Week 2013

Best Exclusive Clubs in NYC to see Big Name DJs

With the meteoric rise in popularity of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), big name international DJs have reached celebrity status throughout the country and in New York.

Their twitter followers- in the millions, their fan’s appetites- insatiable; it is little surprise that news of a performance by a top international DJ at a small, exclusive, NYC club packs the house.

On occasions such as these- the table minimums rocket toward the stratosphere. Outside the venue- a mob forms, clamoring to get in. Beyond the velvet rope- the fortunate few party amongst an ambient chaos of erupting champagne bottles and bottle service sparklers.

A rarefied experience, that is for sure, but by no means an uncommon one in New York’s exclusive nightlife scene.

Seeing a big name DJ at an exclusive club is different from seeing one at a larger, less exclusive venue. When at an exclusive club, not only do you get a to hear a great DJ set, you also set to mingle with a great crowd.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, these are the venues that you need to check out.

Provocateur NYC

Provocateur Nightclub

  • The most exclusive club to host big name DJs
  • Frequently hosts big name DJs on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays
  • Super high table minimums on nights with big DJs
  • Top notch sound system and effects
  • Exclusivity rating – 9

Provocateur hosts big name international DJs once or twice a week– however, if you are not a regular here you should expect to pay up big-time for the privilege of spending your night here. The table minimums at Provocateur on nights when a big name DJ is spinning are among the highest in the city.

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Lavo NYC

Lavo Nightclub NYC

  • Hosts big name DJs nearly every Thursday and other nights on special occasions
  • One of NYC’s most popular clubs to see big DJs
  • Top notch sound system and effects
  • Exclusivity – 6

Lavo is a great spot to see big name DJs in a semi-exclusive setting. Usually, Lavo offers a limited number of pre-sale tickets when they host top international talent– the result is an experience that is a hybrid of the exclusive party scene and a standard DJ show where everyone is invited.

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Marquee NYC v3

Marquee NYC

  • Outstanding sound system and lighting effects
  • Cross between a vegas style super club and an exclusive NYC club
  • Big name DJs on Wednesdays, Fridays(deep house) & Saturdays(Popular EDM DJs)
  • One of NYC’s largest venues- mixes VIPs with general public
  • Exclusivity- 6

Marquee frequently hosts talented DJs from around the globe. As of this writing, Marquee has top notch DJs three nights a week.

Wednesday Marquee hosts its exclusive bottle service oriented night– which attracts a fashionable & elite crowd and has a tight door.

Friday’s the club plays host to many of the world’s most popular deep house / tech house DJs,

and Saturdays the club also brings in top name EDM talent.

a limited number of pre-sale tickets are available on both Fridays and Saturdays– so if you are worried about getting in- be sure to snag a ticket in advance.

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