What is the Best NYC Nightclub for YOU?

Picking the best spot for you requires knowing what you enjoy about going out and picking a venue that plays to those elements.

Get the choice wrong, and you will be sure to waste time and lots of money only to have a terrible experience.

We know plenty of people that have spent tons of money at a club or lounge, and regretted every second of it.

They either had too much trouble getting in, didn’t like the music, didn’t fit in well with the crowd, found it to be outside of their budget– or in the worst cases all of these things!

So how do you avoid letting something like that happen to you?

Its simple. Just listen to Socrates.

Its just like Socrates said– “the first step on the path to wisdom to having an awesome night out is to know thyself;”

In other words, you’ve got to think about what you like– and then find the club or lounge that can provide those things

Just because the press is raving about Le Baron, or Marquee, or whatever the city’s latest nightlife offering is this week, does not mean that it will be the best choice for you!

Lucky for you, we have created this handy guide which, we believe, will shed light on how to pick a nightclub or lounge that you will actually enjoy!.  

Read on and be enlightened!

How important is music to you?  Partiers’ opinions on this topic are as diverse as the partiers themselves. 

Some would prefer to hear standard ‘pop’ club music (mainstream hip hop and house music), others would like to hear something new, which they have not heard before. 

Others still, have strong preferences for a specific genre.  Knowing where you fall on this spectrum, and identifying clubs that cater to your tastes, can mean the difference between a night of glee and a night of gloom.

  • For mainstream club music (hip hop and popular house) we recommend – 1Oak, Avenue, SL, Catch Rooftop and PHD,
  • For rock, electro-pop and indie (think LCD Sound System, Cut Copy, Killers)- Head to Electric Room
  • For 70s and 80’s funk –  pop in to No. 8, or head upstairs to pick a record from the venue’s extensive collection of vintage vinyl
  • To hear something different than what everyone else plays (which we Yetis prefer) check out – Provocateur Nightclub (Deep house sets a sexy, high energy atmosphere) the basement at Le Baron (typically – deep house, indie and electro pop), Le Bain also curates a sound that is typically more ‘indie’
  • Big name DJs in an Exclusive SettingLavo, Marquee, Provocateur – These venues regularly host big name DJs.  However, on nights when a big name is playing, a limited number of pre-sale tickets are available to the general public (with the exception of Provocateur, which remains as exclusive as ever).  on nights with big name DJs, energy levels soar almost as high as the table minimums.  Note that we are not a big fan of pre-sale tickets as it means that the quality of the crowd takes a hit.
  • House Music Fans – Check out Provocateur (deep house / tech house) VIP Room, Marquee (some form of EDM on most nights), The Raven (Weds deep house party), or Lavo (Thursday big name EDM DJs).

What kind of crowd do you prefer?  As we mentioned before, Le Baron may be the darling of the media, but hanging out there will not be the right choice for everyone.  Some may prefer the younger atmosphere of Southside, or the more upscale atmosphere of Provocateur, or an urban party such as those at Green House on certain nights.  To learn more about the different crowd types and assess where you fall, view the nightlife crowd quadrant.

How Mature / Sophisticated of a Crowd Do you prefer hanging out with willowy models and sophisticated men in blazers (more sophisticated) or sweating it out on a packed dance floor with young Manhattanites (less sophisticated)?  See where your tastes fall regarding sophistication.

What Level of Energy? Do you want to jump up and down wildly on a table top and bounce on a banquette (high energy)?  Or do you want to have an engaging conversation in a mellow atmosphere and maybe even partake in some flirting (low energy)?  Perhaps you would like to do both? (some venues offer both a lounge and a club, to suit all tastes).

How about Exclusivity? We are preferential towards exclusive clubs & lounges, that is what our site is about, after all.  However, some may not want to deal with the headache of getting past a tight door, or you may be with a big group of friends which can make getting in considerably more complicated.  There are time when the most exclusive parties simply are not the right choice, for those nights we recommend more inclusive venues.  See our guide to exclusivity rankings and then head to our home page to find a venue that has just the right amount.