It is a well-known fact that NYC nightclubs are frequented by stars of the stage, arena and silver screen.

However, celebrities don’t go to just any club.  There are a handful of clubs and parties in the city that seem are favored by famous faces.

If you plan to visit any of these spots on a night that is popular with celebrity clientele, you will need some serious connections or you will need to be prepared to open your wallet (for bottle service or a bar tab minimum).
In any case- I am sure your are curious about these clubs, so without further delay– here is our list of clubs & lounges where you can party with celebrities.

NYC Nightclubs & Lounges Favored by Celebrities:

(in no particular order)

The Darby

The Darby NYC

The Darby draws one of the most beautiful and sophisticated crowds in New York, and its door is tighter than tight.  Consequently, it is no surprise that the Darby is a favorite celebrity hot spot.

Celebrity Spottings: The list of celebs that have been through the Darby is a long one- here are a few examples: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z, Justin Beiber

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1oak new york

Richie Akiva, one of the owners of 1Oak, seems to have more high profile celebrity friends than anyone else in nightlife;   when it comes time for the famous to pick a late night party spot- Richie’s venues (Darby and 1Oak are among them) are perennial favorites.

Celebrity Spottings: Robin Thicke, Leonardo DiCaprio
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avenue nightclub manhattan

Avenue is one of NYC’s most exclusive and high profile nightlife venues.  Its Monday industry night party is one of our favorite parties in the city—it always draws a good crowd of fashion models and celebs.

Celebrity Spottings: Macklemore, Paris Hilton, Tiesto, Lindsay Lohan

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Finale NYC

On Tuesdays Finale is host to the popular Tuesday Baby Tuesday party- a weekly hip hop party that frequently draws many well-known artists from the hip hop community, as well as professional athletes.  The venue’s reputation as the crown jewel of the EMM group’s nightclub empire and its exclusive door policy help to attract a famous clientele.

Celebrity Spottings: Cuba Gooding Jr, Chris Brown

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PHD Nightclub New York City

PHD is another popular hangout for celebrities.  We recommend coming during the week, the famous crowd rarely makes an appearance on busier weekend nights.

Celebrity Spottings: Tyson Beckford, Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Catch (Mondays)

Catch Rooftop NYC

Catch’s Monday party is supremely exclusive and well attended by an elite crowd.  The party is probably one of the most popular parties in the city for the famous crowd—it is also one of the toughest doors, so good luck getting in.

Celebrity Spottings: Owen Wilson, Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler, assorted pro athletes and models
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Electric Room

electric room nyc

This tiny, exclusive, nightlife den in the basement of the dream hotel has some of the best late night weekday parties in the city.

Celebrity Spottings: Robert Pattison, Courtney Love, Miley Cyrus
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Boom Boom Room

Exclusive Party at the Top of the Standard - AKA the Boom Boom Room

The Boom Boom Room (officially known as the Top of the Standard) has long been one of the most exclusive venues in the city.  Entrance is reserved for those who have been invited by the venue, or those who have the looks or charm to get past the club’s gatekeepers.

The club’s extreme exclusivity and opulent décor attract celebrities like moths to a flame.

Celebrity Spottings: Adam Lampert, Neil Patrick Harris, Jay McInerney

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GoldBar (Sunday Party)

Goldbar New York

Goldbar’s Sunday party has long been one of the city’s most popular Sunday Funday parties for celebs.
Celebrity Spottings: Kate Upton, Tiesto, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan
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Le Baron

Le Baron NYC

As the city’s official ‘unofficial-most-hip-venue-in-town’ Le Baron is a popular choice for celebs who’s personal style has a bit of hipster flair.
Celebs show up here, just don’t expect to see it advertised anywhere.
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No 8

Number 8’s exclusive upstairs area (known as the rec room) is a popular destination for many stars.  However, admission to the VIP area is much more difficult to attain than to the ground floor area of the venue.
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Provocateur Café

Provocateur nightclub manhattan

Provocateur Café is perhaps the most popular destination for the attractive jet set crowd.   It is no surprise that this spot is a favorite hangout for famous faces.

Celebrity Spottings: Justin Timberlake, the winklevii
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