How to Pick the Right NYC Nightclub

If you pick the wrong nightclub– you are sure to have a horrible time.

Just look at yelp reviews.

There is page after page of Yelp nightclub reviews from people who had a horrible time at pretty much every nightclub or lounge in the city.

Does that mean that all of these clubs are terrible places?… of course not. (Yelp reviews are the WORST source of info for nightlife).

What it does mean is this– if you don’t pick the club that is right for YOU — you are in for an absolute disaster of a time.

However– It is pretty easy to avoid ruining your night by picking the wrong party.

All that you have to do is spend a few minutes doing some quick research.

Doing 10 minutes of research will help you avoid these nightlife tragedies:

  • Getting rejected at the door and being embarrassed in front of your friends
  • Going to a place with the wrong kind of crowd
  • Spending more money than you counted on
  • Wasting time & money on a bad experience

No one wants any of that stuff to happen to them…

The information in this post will help you skip all of that and instead have an unforgettable night out- at a club or lounge that you will love.
Read on!

Three steps to Picking the Right Nightclub in NYC


Step 1:  Understand that there is no “best” club

While some people really enjoy the high energy of Lavo, others find it overwhelming.

Others like the mellow, exclusive atmosphere of the Boom Boom Room, while some find it boring and pretentious.

The point is…don’t worry about going to ‘the best club’, because there is no best club. Instead try to figure out which club is ideal for your individual nightlife preferences.

Hint: it probably isn’t the one that the media is raving about.

Basically, what picking the right club means is finding a place that:

  • Won’t reject you at the door
  • Is within your budget
  • Has a crowd that you like
  • Plays music that you like

To learn more about finding the best club for you- check out this article about picking the right club or lounge for your preferences: Click here

Step 2:  Figure out what places are going to be good that night

During the week (Sunday through Wednesday) most clubs are pretty dead.

Thursday through Saturday it is the opposite problem– partying at some clubs can feel a little like being stuffed into a sardine can (way too crowded).

The reasons above highlight why it is crucial to pick the right club for the night that you intend to go out.

To figure out if the party that you had in mind will be good on the night that you are conspiring to go out– check this post– click to read

That post will help you find a party that is good on any night of the week– but what it basically boils down to is this – You need to find a place that:

  • has the right amount of people (not too many not too few)
  • Is playing music you like – It changes from night to night!
  • That you can get into on that night (different nights are harder to get in than others)
Step 3: Figure out a way to get in

After you have picked a party– it is time to figure out how you are going to get in.

For most people, the options are:

1) Trying your luck with the doorman

2) Getting on a guest list

3) Buying Bottle Service

Now that you know your options– lets take a closer look at each one so we can figure out which one is right for you:

Trying your luck with the doorman – If you absolutely refuse to plan ahead- and your know your way around NYC nighclubs already, this might be a good strategy.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the club scene- we definitely don’t recommend it– as you are VERY likely to get rejected at the door– or asked to shell out $$$$$ for bottle service.

If trying your luck with the doorman is right for you– you already know it. Everyone else should consider options 2 & 3 discussed below.

You can read more about getting into NYC nightclubs in this 4 part series – Click here

Making Bottle Service Reservations – This method is great for people that absolutely want to experience the best that NYC nightlife has to offer- and are prepared to pay for it.

Bottle service is pretty much the only way that people who don’t have lots of connections can get into exclusive clubs & lounges.

These are the clubs that have the most attractive crowds, models, celeb clientele and that sort of thing.

Bottle service is awesome if you can afford it– just remember that it is a premium experience and it is priced accordingly– (just like a popular Broadway show- or good seats at a Yankee’s game).

Read more about bottle service here
By following these three simple steps even a nightlife novice can pick an awesome NYC nightclub. 

If you feel like you still need more info – check out this post which covers the basics of NYC nightlife..