4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yelp Nightclub Reviews

Yelp Reviews SUCK. Here are 4 reasons why you should never rely on them to evaluate a nightclub. When it comes to picking a nightclub– you should NEVER trust a Yelp review. Yelp reviews of nightclubs and restaurants are utterly useless. (and we are not the only ones that think so:  Think Yelp is Unbiased? […]

Boozy Brunch NYC: The Best Brunch Parties in New York

In this article– we are going to talk about NYC’s best boozy brunch parties. Before we get into it– lets be clear about what a boozy brunch party is, and what it is not: What a boozy brunch party is: The biggest bottle of rosé you’ve ever seen.  Sparklers.  Models dancing on table tops.  House […]

NYC Nightclubs & Lounges Where Celebrities Party

It is a well-known fact that NYC nightclubs are frequented by stars of the stage, arena and silver screen. However, celebrities don’t go to just any club.  There are a handful of clubs and parties in the city that seem are favored by famous faces. If you plan to visit any of these spots on […]

The Most Popular New York Nightclubs on Social Media

Most ‘Checked into’ Clubs in NYC We were curious about which NYC nightclubs were getting the most love (ahhem, check-ins) on social media- so we hired a PHD statistician (no not a guy with a doctorate in stats—some guy we met at PHD that said he knew math and would work for free drinks). After […]

Nightclubs at the Dream Downtown NYC

The Dream Downtown NYC an Exclusive Nightlife Hub Ever since its opening in the summer of 2011, The Dream Downtown has been at the epicenter of New York nightlife. The hotel is home to three of the city’s most exclusive and desirable nightclubs (PHD,The electric room and No. 8) and is a popular destination for […]

Best Clubs for a Friday Night in NYC

Best Friday Night Clubs & Lounges in NYC Picking a club to go to on a Friday is a bit different than picking one on a weekday. Clubs tend to be much more crowded on Fridays – so in stead of trying to find the party that has the most people (which you might be […]

Sunset Swimclub Pool Party @ the Dream Downtown

For as long as anyone cares to remember, Mondays have been the most despised of all the days—but with the arrival of the Dream Downtown’s outstanding Monday pool party, Sunset Swimclub, all that has changed. Sunset Swimclub is a sparkling poolside oasis in the middle of what might otherwise be just another tedious, dry, Monday. […]