How to Tell if You Are at an Exclusive NYC Nightclub or Lounge

Have you been to an exclusive NYC club?

Are you sure?

How to do you know?

Well– if you are not sure– here are 6 ways that you can figure out if you are at an exclusive NYC nightclub or lounge.

In NYC nightlife– pretty much every club claims to be ‘the most exclusive hot spot in town’ — this list will help you sort out the ones that are telling the truth, from the ones that are trying to pull a fast one.

6 Ways to Tell if You Are at an Exclusive Club

#1 They Don’t Charge a Cover – Manhattan’s A-list crowd will tolerate expensive drinks, but there is one thing that they will not stand for- paying a cover.  Exclusive venues must compete with each other to draw the best crowd, which means that they cannot afford to deter people by charging a cover.

#2 Do not have ‘Mandatory Coat Check’ – We don’t know the explanation behind this one, perhaps people’s coats are getting stolen? Perhaps management is trying to boost revenue by a few dollars per head? We are not really sure why some clubs have a mandatory coat check.  What we do know is that at exclusive venues no one will ever demand that you check your coat, and at Manhattan’s best clubs, coat check is always free (such as Provocateur, and No. 8, to name a few).

#3 Do Not Have Lines – Top nightclubs don’t want you to line up, and there would be little point.  You either have the money for a table, the looks, or the connections to get in or you don’t, waiting has little to do with the equation.  Instead of lines, top clubs and lounges have a roped off area where would-be patrons may approach to speak with the door staff.

#5 Desire a Stylish Clientele- At the best New York nightclubs, a great deal of effort goes into attracting and curating a stylish and attractive crowd.  They want people that look like they have come to have a good time, not that look like they have just come from crunching numbers at a big 4 accounting firm.  If you notice avant-garde fashion, you may be at an exclusive club.

#5 Credit Card Minimums – Some clubs make you agree to a ‘minimum charge’ if you pay with a credit card.
You will never find this annoying practice at an exclusive club.

Do Not Offer Bottle Service Deals on Groupon –  Do we really need to explain this one?

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