New York Nightclubs with a Downtown Crowd

Do you prefer to parties that have a hip downtown crowd?

If you want to party with people from the fashion industry and young creative types– these are the clubs that you should check out.

If you are lucky enough to make it past the doorman, you too can party amongst NYC’s fashionable tastemakers.(read more about crowd types here)

Le Baron NYC

Le Baron

Tucked away in China Town – this small three level club is a favorite among NYC’s hip downtown crowd. The layout of the venue, dark red lighting and fog machines conspire to lend this club a very intimate feel. If you are lucky enough to make it inside, you will find two dance floors and plenty of nooks perfect for whispering sweet nothings. If you didn’t get in last time you tired, don’t worry, we have you covered (read our guide to getting in to Le Baron).
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Electric Room NYC

Electric Room

This rock and roll nightclub has what is without a doubt the coolest basement party in the city.  The club is a favorite hangout for successful fashion models, and celebrities alike- who drop by unannounced for no other reason than to have a drink or two.  The venue’s decor seems inspired by the living room of an English rockstar- and the DJ plays music to match.
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Lil Charlies NYC

Lil Charlie’s

This venue may be on the small side, but there is nothing ‘lil’ about its parties.  The venue offers a mix between the models & bottles type clubs of the meatpacking and hip downtown vibe of SoHo.  Unlike other clubs that try to squeeze in as many bottle service tables as they can, leaving little room for people to dance or navigate their way through the crowd, Lil Charlie’s has plenty of space to maneuver (which we definitely appreciate).
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Le Bain NYC - Pool

Le Bain

Le Bain is like the Boom Boom Room’s darker, slightly more debaucherous, twin sister.  The venue is known for its stunning rooftop views, hot tub, and edgy (but not too edgy) downtown crowd.  As Le Bain is large by NYC nightclub standards, the door is relatively easy when compared to other places on this list.
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The Raven NYC

The Raven

The Raven is NYC’s newest favorite for NYC’s downtown crowd. The club’s subterranean location on the outskirts of the Meat Packing District lend it a debaucherous feel. We recommend checking out the Raven’s Wednesday night deep house music party.

The Raven NYC

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