Sunset Swimclub at the dream downtown

For as long as anyone cares to remember, Mondays have been the most despised of all the days—but with the arrival of the Dream Downtown’s outstanding Monday pool party, Sunset Swimclub, all that has changed.

Sunset Swimclub is a sparkling poolside oasis in the middle of what might otherwise be just another tedious, dry, Monday.

The Sunset Swimclub party is held every Monday from 4-10 and is host to hotel guests, models, and bottle poppers from the world over. 

The fact that this party is held on a Monday seems to lend it a chill vibe and weeds out the unsavory element that has been known rear its head on the weekend at various clubs throughout town.  

Also, by Manhattan standards, the pool at the Dream is rather large.  Often times, rooftop pools in NYC make one feel as if they were taking a splash in a kiddie pool— that is not the case here.

We highly recommend you check this party out for yourself.  Bring your swimsuit and / or waterwings to work, and head on over to The Dream once the day’s work is done.  

Reservations are highly recommended for this party.

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Footage from the Sunset Swim Club Party