Don’t worry, it has happened to us too.  It’s early in the night so you think that it will be relatively easy to get into Le Baron, right?…


You approach the door with confidence only to be informed that you must be ‘on the list’. 

The truth is that while being on a ‘list’ certainly helps, it is hardly a requirement to get in. 

With a few simple tweaks to your image, you too can party in the downtown hipster haven that is Le Baron.

If you want to get into Le Baron– here is what you need to know:

Getting in to Le Baron depends in part upon your connections, part upon your charm, and part upon your image.

Understanding the image that the club likes to encourage, and making small tweaks to the way you present yourself, can help you assuage the doorman and slip past the velvet rope.

To aid you in this endeavor, we have created a simple point system that, we believe, closely approximates the doorman’s thought process when deciding whether or not to let you in. 

Simply check the criteria, and see how you stack up.

How to get in to Le Baron – The Point System Checklist

+5 Points – You approach the door like ‘you’ve been there before’- This never hurts, no matter where you go.

+ 5 points – You are smoking a cigarette as you approach the door.  From our experience, smoking a cigarette really does make you cooler.  It makes your voice rougher and sexier, it drives the girls crazy, men think women smokers are sexy and dangerous, and it screams ‘I am a rebel!’  – So Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.  The doorman will love you for it.

+15 points – You are slim.  Lets face it, there just are not any overweight hipsters (being overweight is soooo not ironic), or overweight French people.  If you have a few extra pounds around the waist, you have already identified yourself as being outside of the club’s two key demographics.  So loose those pounds!

+25 points – You have a keen understanding of the rules of acceptable mainstream fashion and you have mercilessly broken every single one.  At Le Baron, avant-garde fashion rules the day, just don’t look like you are trying to hard.

+25 points – You are French, or you can fake it for the 15 seconds that it will take to slip past the doorman.

+25 points – You have ironic facial hair.  Nothing says ‘I am a non-conformist’ like growing facial hair that is not usually seen in modern society.  Anyone up for mutton-chops?

-5 points – For every thirty minutes that you arrive after 11:30 subtract 5 points from your overall score– let’s face it, getting to a place early is a sure way to boost your chances of getting in, no matter where you go.

Getting in to Le Baron: A Case Study

Le Baron NYC - Entry Scorecard

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