NYC’s Best Brunch Parties

If you are looking for NYC’s best brunch parties- then look no further, because we have the inside scoop on two of the city’s most exclusive boozy brunches. 

The brunch parties that we are talking about are, of course, Lavo Brunch and Day & Night. (read our review of Lavo Brunch here)

Both parties are held Saturday afternoons and begin leisurely, with food service. 

Slowly the food is cleared away, the lights dim and are replaced with high energy EDM music.  Before you know it- you’re dancing on a table top and someone is spraying the room with a $700 bottle of Dom Perignon.

There is no question that these parties are the best of NYC’s wild brunch parties and you can’t go wrong with either one- but how do they differ? 

Which would be better suited to your preferences?  We thought that the best thing to do would be to prepare a side by side comparison- read on to see how these parties stack up against each other.

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Day & Night Brunch Party

At Day & Night, the emphasis is more on the ‘party’ and less on the brunch.  Day & Night tends to employ bigger name DJs, starts a bit later, and go a little harder.
What does Day & Night do better?

  • Party lighting / effects
  • Big name DJs
  • More emphasis on the “party” than the “brunch”
  • Whats it going to cost for table service? about $150 – $250 per person


View the Day & Night Promotional Video

Lavo Brunch

Lavo brunch starts with excellent food and transforms into excellent high energy party. In our opinion, the crowd tends to be a bit younger than Day & Night’s crowd.

What does Lavo Brunch do better?

  • Nicer décor and furnishings
  • Better food
  • You can dance on the tables (don’t under estimate how important this is)
  • Whats it going to cost for table service? about $150 – $250 per person (same as Day & Night)


View the Lavo Brunch Promotional Video

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