How to get in to Exclusive Manhattan Clubs and Lounges

Part 4 of 4 – Who You Need to Know to Get Into Exclusive New York Clubs & Lounges

In Part 3 of this series, we took a look at how you should interact with the door staff to increase your chances of getting in. 

In today’s post, we will look at the types of people that you need to know, and how they can get you in.

There are 4 basic types of people that can get you into a club:

  • The door manager
  • the club manager
  • promoters
  • the club owner

lets take a look at each and see how knowing them can help you get in:

The Door Manager 

Why knowing the door manager is great

  • All you need to do is get their attention and you will get in, without having to explain anything
  • Relationship requires very little cultivation before it starts helping you get in
  • At a majority of venues, entrance is ultimately up to the door staff, whether you RSVPed or not

How you can get to know the door staff

For people who are trying to get into a club, this is perhaps the best relationship that you can have.  Having the door staff recognize you as a regular, and remember letting you in many times before is the easiest way to get in to an exclusive club.   This type of relationship is often the shallowest, all that is required that the doorman recognize you.  However, those that actually develop a deeper relationship with the door staff may be able to get in even on special occasions when the door is the tightest (for instance, when a big name DJ is playing, or an important person’s birthday).

The Manager / Promotional Director

Why knowing the club manager is great

  • The club manager can put you on the list, which is the only way for most people to get into the super exclusive venues (Provocateur, Boom Boom Room, No 8, for instance)
  • If your presence is seen as a significant positive, the manager may possibly give you free drinks tickets
  • You can sometimes get in simply by dropping the managers name, however be careful not to bluff with this one, as the door staff can smell a lie, and they will often ask you to text the manager to come out (bad news if you don’t have their number)

Things to know about getting to know the manager

  • Getting to know the manager is less straightforward than getting to know the door staff because you must develop the relationship to a greater extent than with the door staff (typically you will need to have their phone number, at least)
  • The relationship must be mutually beneficial (you bring something to the club, such as publicity, in exchange for access)
  • If you know the manager, you will still have to convince the door staff to let you in, for this reason we think that knowing the manager is less advantageous in most scenarios
  • Typically, you will at least have to have the managers contact information before this type of relationship becomes useful

Why knowing a promoter is great

  • In some instances promoters can give you discounts on the bottles that you purchase (the discount comes in the form of being able to buy a table add-on, instead of being required to commit to a substantially higher table minimum)
  • There are usually many promoters working at top clubs, and it is there job to bring people to the club, so it is much easier convince them to invite you out as everyone’s incentives are aligned
  • In certain instances, promoters will be able to give you free drinks
  • Unlike other nightlife relationships, promoters often work at many different venues, which means that you can potentially gain access to many different places just through one relationship

What you need to know about promoters:

  • When it comes to getting you in the club, a relationship with a promoter carries the least weight.  Entrance is still entirely at the discretion of the door staff
  • To be invited by a promoter, you must give them a reason to believe they you will contribute to their group in some way

Being friends with a promoter can have many perks.  Promoters know about the best parties, they work in many different venues, and sometimes they are even able to get you free drinks.  However, of all the relationships, their power to get you in is the most limited.

Club / Lounge owners

Why knowing a venue owner is great

  • They can put you on the list
  • Owners frequently host their own tables, often times in the company of celebrities, models and well connected people. If you know them well enough you may be invited to join their table

What to know about venue owners

  • This kind of relationship is usually only available to people that are able to bring a TON of value to a venue either by: frequently spend a great deal of money, being a successful and well known fashion model, being famous in some way, or can produce massive publicity for the venue. Understandably, this kind of relationship simply is not available to very many people
  • If you somehow become friends with a venue owner,  then lucky you, because this is the best kind of relationship to have

Hopefully you now have an understanding of what it takes to get into an exclusive venue.  If you don’t get in the first time, don’t take it personally.  Just remember that not every venue is right for everyone anyway.

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