New year’s eve is just around the corner… and pretty much every bar / club / lounge in the city is selling tickets to what they are claiming will be the best best year’s eve party in New York.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of options—how do you pick the right one?

First of all—let us just say that we don’t necessarily think a new year’s eve party is the best time to go to a club.

But, everyone you know will be going out and the pressure to follow suit is undeniable.

If you find yourself in the position of having to choose between ticketed new year’s eve parties—here are some pointers that will help you pick a party that you will enjoy.

How to Pick the Right NYC New Year’s Eve Party

Forget about the exclusive party scene – New year’s eve is the one night that ‘exclusive’ clubs open their doors to pretty much anyone holding a ticket. If you are seeking the ‘exclusive party’ atmosphere – NYE is probably not the night to do it.

In New York, the best nights for exclusive parties tend to be during fashion week, or after some event where lots of celebs are in town. NYE on the other hand is the exact opposite.

If you are looking for an exclusive party—you might consider checking out a place like Provocateur, which usually maintains the same super tight door policy as always.

Pick a place with lots of bar space

Many new year’s eve parties include an ‘open bar’ – and if you have ever been to a party like that before, you know that about 50% of the people will be glued to the side of the bar trying to drink their money’s worth.

What does that mean for you? — it means that getting a drink will take like… forever.

The amount of time you will have to wait is inversely proportional to the amount of bar-front real estate that the venue has (the more bar there is + the more bartenders they have = the shorter you will have to wait for a drink— math!).

Decide based on the music

As we have already pointed out, there isn’t much point in picking a venue based on the type of crowd (most parties tend to be a pretty even mixture of people from the various crowd types). Most places will be playing club top 40 (popular hip hop and big room house songs).

If you would prefer something a bit different—there are also parties playing underground house, or just hip hop. Pick something that tickles your fancy.

Remember that an Open Bar is Not Always a Good Thing

Many parties promote an open bar as a huge selling point. However, we don’t necessarily agree. Going to a party that does not have an open bar has some benefits:

  • you won’t have to wait a long for a drink
  • you’ll probably end up spending less over all
  • There will be fewer people that have drunken themselves silly on free booze
Pick a Place with a Views

This may just be personal preference, but we think having an awesome view is a nice perk. You might consider checking out rooftop parties like the ones at PHD or Le Bain, to name a couple.