Meatpacking District Clubs

This short list of Meatpacking District clubs is so good that it will make you say the F word.

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Let’s get to our list of clubs in the Meatpacking District! (and Chelsea too!)

Below you will find our short list of Meatpacking District clubs. Check out the list to see what they have in store for you.

Our List of Meatpacking District Clubs

Provocateur NYC


Provocateur is one of our favorite nightclubs in the Meatpacking District.   It combines a sexy, sophisticated, crowd with an inviting layout and some of the best deep house / tech house DJs in the city.

The only downside is that it can be really difficult / expensive to get in.

Provocateur typically brings in big name international DJs on Fridays and Saturdays— these are some of the best parties in the city.

What is the scene like?  – Here is a glimpse what you’re going to see inside: a sexy international crowd.  Some guy in a tuxedo (probably).  Models.  Bottles.

Music – Mostly deep house / tech house in the nightclub, pop music in the lounge.

How you can get in – You can get in by making bottle service reservations, just don’t expect it to be cheap (Provocateur has the most expensive bottle service in the city).

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1Oak NYC


1Oak is known for having some of the best late night parties in the city. While the parties at other Meatpacking District clubs are winding down—1Oak is just getting started.   So if you’re looking for a beautiful crowd, and a party that goes late—1Oak is the spot for you.

What is the scene like?  –   1Oak attracts the quintessential models, bottles and moguls crowd.   The crowd at 1Oak is consistently one of the most beautiful in the city, and for that reason it is a favorite of celebs and big spending bottle service clients.

In our opinion, 1Oak is one of the best NYC clubs for bottle service— and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon.

Music – Mostly open format (mixture of top 40, hip hop, house)

How you can get in – Make bottle service in advance, or if you are with a smaller group ask the doorman about doing a bar tab minimum (which will probably cost you about $200 / person)

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Avenue is a boutique Meatpacking District Nightclub with an elite crowd, and a strict door policy.   The club is on the small side—consequently it can be hard to get in here without knowing someone.

Music – Open format most nights (mixture of hip hop, EDM, Top 40)

What is the scene like?  – Avenue is a favorite of big spending bottle service clients—click here for example of what spending $190,000 on bottle service at Avenue looks like

How you can get in – Bottle service is your best bet.  Small groups of 2 or 3 may also be able to agree to a bar tab minimum (usually around $200 per person), but, if you want to do a bar tab minimum you should show up before 12—otherwise you may be out of luck.

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The Raven NYC

The Raven

Opened in Fall of 2013, the Raven has quickly become a Meatpacking District favorite for the fashionable downtown crowd.   The club currently has one of the best Wednesday parties in the city (they play deep house on Wednesdays).

Music – Open format most nights, deep house on Wednesdays

What is the scene like? –  Scenesters with downtown style, upscale bottle service types.

How you can get in – The club is new and popular—if you want to party here, you are probably going to have to break out your AMEX card and get bottle service—but that’s ok, you can expense it right?

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Le Bain NYC

Le Bain

Le Bain is one of the most popular nightclubs in the Meatpacking District—especially in the Summer time.  The club is full of curious eccentricities — such as a large indoor hot tub, a rooftop crepe stand (open in Summer) and a chirpy bird soundtrack on loop in the downstairs bathroom.

As far as New York nightclubs go, Le Bain is absolutely huge—and because it is so big, they let in a lot of people– which means it is really not that hard to get inside.

If you are going to check out Le Bain- we recommend taking a look at their Wednesday party, which is usually pretty strong.

Music – Usually some kind of underground house music, but also open format.  The music at Le Bain is definitely on the trendier side when compared to most other Meatpacking clubs.

What is the scene like? –  The crowd is a mixture of young professional types, downtown hipsters and what appear to be young foreign tourists.   Le Bain is not a typical ‘models & bottles’ Meatpacking club—so if you have your heart set on popping a few bottles of Dom’  this might not be the place for you.

How you can get in – Le Bain does not accept reservations–  they sell most of their tables through the door man—and you can’t really ‘buy your way in.’   Despite that fact, Le Bain is actually one of the easier clubs in the Meatpacking District to get into—just make sure you show up early to avoid the long lines, dress fashionably, and come with at least as any girls as guys.   

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Exclusive Party at the Top of the Standard - AKA the Boom Boom Room

The Boom Boom Room (AKA – The Top of the Standard)

The Boom Boom Room / Top of the Standard is, hands down, the most opulent party space in the city.   Everything about this space is striking—from the sweeping views to the plush seating, even the bathrooms are remarkable.

What is the scene like? –  Pretty dead, unfortunately.  As cool as the décor is, and as nice as the views are, not many people actually come to The Top of The Standard anymore.

The Boom Boom Room would rather be exclusive, and empty, than a bit more lax on the door policy, and full of fun party people.

Music – Open format

How you can get in – Unfortunately, you can’t get in.   Seriously… there is no way to make reservations here (unless you actually have connections to the club, somehow).     The only other option is to walk up to the doorwoman, look sexy as hell and confidently tell her that “you’d like to go up now—and no you don’t have reservations.”

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Gilded Lily NYC

The Gilded Lily

The Gilded Lily is one of the newest Meatpacking District lounges, and it has quickly become a favorite among Manhattan’s trendy party crowd.    In addition to lounge space, the Gilded Lily also has a restaurant called the Monarch Room which offers a full dinner menu.

Music – Open format

What is the scene like? – Fashion models, people “in the know” about nightlife.

How you can get in – Make bottle service reservations, or know someone who can get you past the doorman.
Electric Room NYC

Electric Room

The Electric Room is an exclusive lounge located in the basement of the Dream Downtown.  It is a popular late night destination pretty much every night of the week. The parties here don’t usually get going until around 1:30 or 2:00, but they stay strong later than most.

Music – Electropop, rock, and open format (but not really much Hip Hop)

What is the scene like?  Angsty girls in their early twenties who work in fashion, suave international types and other interesting characters of the night.   They also tend to play rock / electro pop music, which is unique for Meatpacking District clubs, and we find it refreshing.

How you can get in – The door at the Electric Room is pretty tight.  If you can find someone who is a regular, they should be able to get you in.

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No 8 NYC

No8 (Number 8)

No8 is a popular Meatpacking District club among the upscale crowd.   Unlike many Meatpacking District Nightclubs, No8 actually has a decent cocktail bar—so you won’t feel limited to knocking back vodka soda after vodka soda.

Music – Open format

What’s the scene like?  No8 has an upstairs members only area, and a downstairs lounge—both are great and have a nice upscale crowd. 

How you can get in – Bottle service or a bar tab minimum will get you into the downstairs area—while you will either need to be a member, or get on a guest list to get into the upstairs lounge area.

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VIP Room NYC v2

VIP Room

We would tell you about VIP Room— but someone out there has already done it better

What’s the scene like?  An attractive crowd, models moguls and movie stars—VIP Room’s Tuesday party is also one of the best parties in Meatpacking District right now (especially for people interested in bottle service).

Music – House / Open format

How can you get in – Make bottle service reservations, or do a bar tab minimum at the door.

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Perched atop the Dream Hotel Downtown, PHD is one of the most popular rooftop lounges in NYC.   PHD is also home to the popular Sunset Saturday’s party—which is the city’s premier party between the hours of 6 and 10 on a Saturday.

Music – Open format

What is the scene like – During the week, PHD draws an attractive crowd of fashion types.  PHD tends to be a destination for earlier in the night (between 12 and 1:30)—later on most people head to places like 1Oak or Avenue to keep the party going.    On weekends, the crowd skews more toward the finance crowd—as all the young investment bankers look for a way to spend their bonus money. 

How you can get in – The door here is pretty tight—but it’s not impossible to get in.  If you are with small group, dressed appropriately, and have at least as many girls as guys with you—there is a shot you will get in—if you have any doubts —you can always get a table.

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Up&Down NYC


Up&Down opened with an extremely strong start, hosting more fashion week parties than any other club— which is a sign of a Meatpacking club that is destined for greatness.
Music – Open format
What is the scene like? – Its new, and people are excited about it. Pretty much everyone that likes NYC nightlife will be trying to go to this club.
How Can You Get In – Up&Down is currently engulfed in the excitement that invariably surrounds the opening of a new high profile Meatpacking District club– Unless you can find a way to get on the list– you’re pretty much out of luck (for the time being, anyway).

And that is all for our list of clubs in the Meatpacking District.

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