Clubs & Lounges in NYC Where Fashion Models Party

NYC is one of the ‘big four’ modeling cities in the world. Consequently, few are surprised when they run into tall, leggy, models at many of the city’s nightlife establishments. 

What is surprising, though, is the concentration of models at certain places in the city. 

Some clubs and lounges seem to be full of nothing but models. 

How do they get all those pretty faces in on place?–  We are not sure.  But what we do know is where you can find them.  Read on for our list of the top places to party with models in NYC!

Top Clubs and Lounges to Party with Models in NYC

Provocateur Cafe

Provocateur Cafe

As the clock strikes midnight, many of the world’s famous faces flock to Provocateur Café, drawn in by its posh décor and sophisticated clientele– the models flutter in like moths to a flame.  The first time that we walked into Provocateur Café, we had to do everything to keep our jaws from dropping, the crowd is that stunning.  If you are lucky enough to get past Ruby and Elena (Provocateur’s door managers), then rest assured that you will experience the finest that NYC nightlife has to offer.

Come here to – Meet the model that plays the next James Bond girl.
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VIP Room

VIP Room NYC v2

As far as nightlife is concerned– VIP room is the spiritual home of the international playboy. And what do playboys like best? Pretty fashion models of course. And, at VIP room, you can find plenty of them.

Check out VIP Room’s Profile – Click here

PHD (Dream Downtown)


Ever since Ph-D opened in the Summer of 2011, it has been a preferred refuge of the modeling industry.  With luxurious décor and plenty of booths for bottle service- this rooftop lounge brings the models out in droves.  Perhaps the only thing that can rival the beauty of venue’s glowing cityscape views are the glowing faces of its crowd.

Come here to – See an ethereal model dancing energetically on the top of a banquet
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Finale NYC

Finale NYC

Finale is your standard elite bottle service club. The scene here is basically a mixture of ‘finance guys’ meet ‘fashion models.’ If you are either one of those things– you’ll fit right in.

Finale started out as a EDM focused exclusive club– but has since adjusted its programming to be more of a standard high end bottle service club– playing mostly pop music / nightclub top 40.

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1Oak NYC

1Oak is well known for its beautiful crowd, celebrity patrons and late night parties. It is also known for its tight door policy. If you plan to go here– make reservations & plan ahead, or you probably won’t get in.

Come here to see – Model’s waving bottle service sparklers in the air

Click to view 1Oak’s profile

Lavo NYC

Lavo NYC

Lavo is part Vegas style club — hosting big name international EDM djs, and part exclusive club. As of this writing- Saturday nights are the best nights to party with models. On Saturdays, the door is extra tight and the club fills with fashion models and big spending bottle clients.

Click to view Lavo’s Profile

Marquee NYC

Marquee NYC v3

Like its slightly smaller, more exclusive, sister club, Lavo, Marquee is also an excellent club to party with models. Marquee is very similar to Lavo, in that is also feels like a hybrid of an exclusive NYC club and a larger Vegas style club. As of this writing– Wednesdays are the best nights to party with fashion models at Marquee. Expect a tight door though– with no pre-sale tickets.

Click to view Marquee NYC’s profile

Honorable Mention

The following places are frequented by models, but not as consistently as some of the other venues that we mentioned. 

These places definitely are not as much ‘about the models & bottles’ scene as the clubs & lounges mentioned above.

But who knows, you could luck out and run into some of the girls from IMG, Ford or Major… if that is what you’re looking for.

No. 8

Electric Room

Le Bain

Boom Boom Room

Le Baron

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