New Clubs in NYC (for 2013)

In New York Nightlife, nothing is more tempting than checking out the city’s newest exclusive club.   The power of ‘newness factor’ is undeniable as new venues easily draw crowds of models, celebrities, fashionable cool people and the well-heeled party crowd. 

Doors can be impossibly tight, and bottle service minimums high, as those who are in the know clamor to gain entry.  For those interested in seeing what all the fuss is about- we have created a list of the newest Exclusive clubs and lounges in NYC.


Finale NYC

Finale NYC

Opened November 2012 – NYC’s newest downtown dance club.  The venue combines high energy dance music with live performance acts to create a memorable experience.  We recommend table service or making reservations in advance, as everyone in the city is currently trying to get into this place.
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Bow (199 Bowery)

Bow NYC 199 Bowery
Opened November 2012 – Travis Bass’s latest nightlife project.  Bass’s legendary status in New York Nightlife, the club’s small size, and the fact that you can’t currently make reservations or buy your way in, make this one of the toughest doors in the city right now.

Note– Bow is no longer operating– the current space is known as the Jazz room, and it operates as a Jazz lounge with food service.

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No. 8 NYC

No 8 NYC

Opened June 2012 –  Amy Sacco’s new lounge, No. 8, is one of the most exclusive and upscale lounges in the city.  While it may not offer the emergency helicopter escape concierge service that the old Bungalow 8 offered, if you are partying here you can be sure that you are among Manhattan’s elite.

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Pink Elephant NYC

Pink Elephant NYC

Opened June 2012 – A high energy dance club in the West Village, Pink Elephant, is one of the best places to dance to EDM .   Unlike many other bottle service clubs, Pink Elephant actually has ample space to dance, and a separate mixology bar that is great for a conversation and getting a serious cocktail.
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Le Baron NYC

Le Baron NYC

Opened January 2012 – A nightlife oasis in the middle of China Town, Le baron opened to a white hot reception in January 2012.  The club hosted some of fashion week’s hottest parties, and basked in praise from the media.  In addition to BOW, Le Baron may currently be the best spot in the city to experience edgy downtown New York style.
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