Times when NYC Nightclubs Will be Empty

In New York, you can find a good party almost any night of the week- if you know where to look.  

But! there are a handful of times during the year when the nightlife scene takes a dive – and the partiers are nowhere to be found.  

This post will help you answer the question — “Are NYC clubs going to be empty tonight?”

So don’t get caught in a nightclub ghost town– read this post and make sure that the clubs are not going to be totally dead.

times when NYC Clubs will be Empty - Art Basel
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Art Basel

For many Manhattanites, Art Basel is an irresistible excuse to escape the frigid slushy mess that is New York in December.   The warm weather, chichi parties and international crowd of A-listers make this a cannot miss event. Consequently, the clubs in NYC are pretty barren.

NYC Clubs & Lounges are empty after New Years Eve
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After New Years

After all the partying on New Years– pretty much everyone in New York is hungover, and needs a little break from the nightlife scene. Expect clubs to be emptier than usual for a week or two after NYE.

NYC Nightclubs are Empty in Late SummerLate Summer

For Manhattan’s party crowd, Summer means one thing – The Hamptons.  For most of the NYC crowd, relocating to the Hamptons is less akin to a seasonal migration and more like a weekend exodus. 

Even though many of the city’s clubs remain packed, much of the money crowd as moved Eastward.  In fact, many of NYC’s most exclusive venues follow their clients out to the Hamptons, closing their Manhattan venues and operating Summer venues closer to their clientele.

NYC Nightclubs are dead during Ultra Miami- as many partiers are out of town

The Winter Music Conference / Ultra Miami

As March concludes, NYC partiers grow impatient for the warm weather of Spring.  Those that want an early taste head down to Ultra and the Miami Winter Music Conference.  With the increased popularity of Electronic Dance Music, this week is stealing more and more of Manhattan’s Club going crowd.

NYC Nightclubs in Winter

Bad Weather

Nothing shuts a party down quite like a blizzard.  The worse the weather, the emptier the clubs.

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