There are some things that you just shouldn’t do in an exclusive nightclub. Yes it can be good to draw attention to yourself, but do it on your own terms. Attract positive attention, not negative attention.

Don’t Get too Drunk

Things never to do in a nightclub

Yes, we know that you’re here to party, and yes we know that you committed to a $250 bar tab minimum that you cannot possibly drink your way through on your own- but, that is no excuse for getting wasted.  Exclusive clubs are for partiers that know how to handle their booze, even if many of them are not mature in terms of age, they are in terms of knowing how to handle alcohol.

Don’t Creep Out The Girls

Things you should never do in a nightclub: creep out the girls
No one wants to be around the guy that is being aggressive with the ladies.  Sneaking up behind women and grinding on them, putting hands where they should not go, aggressively hitting on girls – these are all no-nos.

Don’t Use Pickup Lines

Ever wonder if you should be using more pickup lines? Here is your answer…
The Dos Equix man on pick up lines:

Don’t Glue Yourself to Your Phone

Texting Nightlife

Nothing brings down the mood of a party like people glued to their phones as if they were zombies.  This is a party, you should be having fun – put those phones away.

Don’t Behave Aggressively

Dont behave aggresively at clubs in NYC - NYC bottle service

Yes, we know it can be crowded, yes we know that can be annoying.  However, that is no excuse for aggressive behavior or pushing people- save the aggression for your subordinates at the office, or something.


Don’t Be a Groupie

Nightlife Groupie

Yes there are often celebrities in NYC nightclubs.  No you should not go and try to join their table or get a photo with them.  The appropriate way to react is casual nonchalance.

Don’t Show up with Only Guys

All Guys Nightlife

Social status plays a huge part in nightlife- the group with the lowest social status is that of a group of all guys. Don’t be a part of that group.


Don’t Make-out in Front of Everyone

nightlife makeout

Exclusive Nightlife is all about seeing and being seen. Trust us, you don’t be seen in the middle of a sloppy make-out- you are drunker than you think, and she/he is not as attractive as you think.


Don’t Try too Hard

Nightlife Trying too hard
Trying too hard either makes you look desperate, or like a narcissist; either way you shouldn’t do it.

Whatever is Going on Here

Things you should never do in a nightclub: Sulk around

We are not sure what is going on here but we do know that we want no part in it- and neither should you.