Types of Bottle Service Clubs in New York

This article will help you figure out which kind of NYC bottle service club is well suited for your preferences.

Pretty much every club in NYC offers bottle service these days. That being said– there are a few different variations on the bottle service theme.

In this article– we take a look at a few popular styles of NYC bottle service club.

Read on to find out which one is right for you.

The Exclusive Boutique Bottle Service Clubs

These clubs tend to be smaller than your average club.  Some may only have capacity for 150-200 people (tiny by most city’s standards!). 

In the NYC nightlife scene, these clubs are all about seeing and being seen and not really about dancing.  most don’t even have a real dance floor.

Fun comes in in the form of flirty glances from across the room and spotting faces that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine. 

These clubs are also known to be frequented by famous actors, musicians and pro athletes who drop by unannounced. 

  • You might end up partying with your favorite pop star
  • Really attractive crowd
  • Intimate feel
  • Bragging rights to all your pals that you actually got in


  • Can be difficult to get in
  • Not great for partying with a large group- unless you can afford to spend thousands for bottle service
  • Can feel pretentious if you are outside of ‘the scene’
  • Not really great for dancing

Examples (click to view profiles):

The “Its Not Bottle Service” Bottle Service Club

Some clubs in NYC like to claim that they are not ‘bottle service clubs,’ but the truth is, you can get bottle service anyplace that you go. 

These types of clubs like to focus more on cultivating a crowd of cool people– and are not so much about the ‘models & bottles’ promoter type scene that you find at ‘Exclusive bottle service clubs (described above)’


  • Less ‘bankers’ (if that sort of thing matters to you)
  • More of a cool, fashionable crowd that is distinctly ‘NYC’
  • Not as loud and hectic as traditional bottle service clubs


  • Usually super exclusive, letting only regulars or people somehow connected to the venue
  • Not ideal for large groups

Examples (click to view profiles):

The Music Oriented Bottle Service Club

The scene at these clubs is all about the music.  It is about a great sound system, lighting effects and dancing (rare for NYC!). 

If you are looking for an environment that is all about shared experience and enjoyment of music- (and not about just a room full of people standing around checking each other out) this type of club should be your go to spot.


  • Not pretentious at all
  • Great sound systems
  • Outstanding DJs (usually focused around house / EDM music)


  • Pretty much anyone can get in– which means that sometimes there can be obnoxious people
  • Often a long line to get in

Pacha, Cielo, Output, Sankeys, Santos Party House

The Not Pretentious Bottle Service Club

Many people do not like the hassle of getting in to an exclusive boutique club. They find doormen pretentious, worry about not getting in, or don’t want to drop $2,000 for a table at an exclusive club.

For these people, a ‘non-pretentious club’ offers an exciting nightlife environment where they can socialize, have a few drinks and not have to worry about any of the hassle that can come with patronizing a more exclusive venue.


  • Bottle service at more affordable prices
  • Better suited for large groups
  • Not pretentious – great places to come and just enjoy yourself


  • Lack the celebs, models, and stunning crowd that exclusive boutique clubs offer


The “You Should Never Go There- EVER” Bottle Service Club

There are many clubs in the city that you really should not go to- they are unoriginal, and merely poorly executed duplicates of otherwise superior venues.

At Social Yeti– we try to only talk about clubs that we would actually recommend going to. Every club featured on our site has something appealing about it for one reason or another.

That is why you won’t find any of this type of club mentioned on our site.


  • It beats staying at home and sitting on your couch on a Friday night?
  • Everyone needs to slum it once in awhile
  • Provides the contrast and perspective that allows you to appreciate the experience of a club that is actually of quality


  • Many

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