Finale NYC

Finale is now closed check below for similar clubs

Finale - Review

Finale is the crown jewel in EMM Group's NYC nightclub empire. The club is designed to deliver a high energy experience combined with the velvet rope exclusivity of a high end NYC bottle service club.

Finale's door is extremely tight. Groups of guys, or groups larger than 4 should plan to make reservations in advance in order to gaurantee entry.

At many other venues around the city- guys that have the right look / attitude can walk right in- that is usually not the case at Finale.

Crowd Description

The crowd here is top notch - and similar to that which can be found in NYC's other exclusive bottle service clubs. In other words, Finale is always well stocked with plenty of pretty faces.


The music at Finale is mostly open format-- which means it includes popular hip hop, house and club top 40.

Getting in -

The buzz around this venue has yet to die down, making it one of the tougher doors in town.  If you are not well versed in navigating the perils of a tough door, we suggest making reservations in advance.

Reviewed by Social Yeti on High energy bottle service club popular with bankers & models Overall Rating:10 out of 10