How to get in to Exclusive NYC Clubs and Lounges – Part 2 of 4 – Getting in by bringing value

In our previous post, we looked at how elite clubs curate a crowd for branding purposes and how that leads to them adopting ‘exclusive’ door policies.  

In this post, we will look some of the things that club managers value and how contributing something of value can be your ticket to getting in.

What do club managers value?

All clubs and lounges value 3 basic elements. 

1) Money
2) Branding
3) Publicity 

To be invited inside, you must help the club acquire one of these things. 

The more of any one of these elements that you bring, the less of the others you will be required to have. 

For example, if you can afford to pay $2,000-$3,000 for table, than you will not be expected to contribute in any way to the club’s branding or publicity.

Alternatively, if you are a celebrity and your presence greatly contributes to both the clubs brand and its publicity (people tweet about your appearance, or it is written up in blogs or newspapers) than the club will often comp you as many free drinks as you like (you will not be required to spend any money at all). 

Let’s take a look at each of these three elements of value.

#1 – Money – Buy your way in to exclusive clubs and lounges

This is perhaps the most straightforward, and is usually the only option available to most people. 

If you can afford to commit to spend a large amount of money, there are very few places in the city that you cannot get into. 

If the doorman has reason to believe that you will somehow positively contribute to the atmosphere of the party in ways other than spending a lot of money, the amount that you must spend to gain entry will be reduced. 

The doorman makes this assessment in a few ways, including: 1) your image 2) if you are a regular 3) someone with authority has vouched for you by putting you on the guest list.

#2 – Branding – Help promote the club’s brand and you will always be welcome

The branding angle is far more complex than the money angle.  

There is a significant amount of variation in how clubs approach branding. 

As we saw in our previous post, the defining feature of an exclusive club is that it brands itself based on its crowd. 

In other words, exclusive clubs are more about the people that attend and less about the music or the décor. 

If your presence contributes enough to the club’s brand (by being a successful model, or celeb for instance) you will never have to pay for a drink in NYC. 

To see a list of some of the things that exclusive clubs tend to value in their crowd, read our previous post.

#3 – Publicity – Help spread the word about a club and the doors will open to you

Bloggers, newspaper columnists, celebrities (for their ability to garner press attention) – all of these are valued guests for most clubs. 

If you are somehow involved with any of these, and your following is significant and relevant, you may use it to gain entry.  If this is your chosen method, it is usually best to contact the club ahead of time and let them know who you are so that they can put you on the Guest list. 

The doorman will not have time, or patients to listen to who you are.  Doormen are naturally suspicious of people that try to explain why they should be let in; do yourself a favor and make arrangements in advance if this is your plan of attack.

Nightlife Case Study – How they got in:

How to Get into Exclusive NYC Clubs & Lounges - Case Study

Hopefully, you now understand how exclusive nightclubs decide who gets in– and have an idea about how to use these elements to your advantage when trying to get past the velvet rope.

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