Most ‘Checked into’ Clubs in NYC

We were curious about which NYC nightclubs were getting the most love (ahhem, check-ins) on social media- so we hired a PHD statistician (no not a guy with a doctorate in stats—some guy we met at PHD that said he knew math and would work for free drinks).

After compiling all the data that we could find on Foursquare check-ins, Facebook check-ins, and Facebook likes- we started our analysis.

We decided that the most relevant metric to at look for each club was average Facebook check-ins per month.

To obtain this number, we looked at the total number of check-ins for each club, and then divided this number by the age of the club’s Facebook group in months. For clubs older than August 2010 (the date Facebook unveiled the check-in feature), we divided by 36 months (the amount of time that has elapsed since then).

the results are shocking. If there are any small children in the room with you, we would ask that you please shield their eyes before proceeding.

Facebook Check-ins at Exclusive NYC Nightclubs

NYC Exclusive nightclub Check-ins

Possible interpretations of Nightlife Data:

What is the most relevant metric? 

We think the most relevant metric to look at is average check-ins per month (highlighted in red).  Comparing average check-ins per month is a nice way of leveling the playing field between older clubs (that may have had more time to get check-ins) and newer ones.

Clubs with most check-ins tend to be larger / less exclusive

Not surprisingly, large nightclubs (Marquee, Lavo, Le Bain, Hotel Chantelle) tend to have the highest number of average monthly check-ins.

Clubs with the least check-ins tend to be more exclusive, or smaller in size (or both)

Clubs that are extremely exclusive (Provocateur, Le Baron, Electric Room, No 8) or smaller in size, tend to have the lowest number of average monthly check-ins- which is presumably because of the limited number of people that have been to them- due to either limited capacity, or exclusivity.

Surprises – Clubs with more check-ins than expected:

We were surprised to see that 1Oak, Avenue and SL had such a high average monthly check-in number- given that they are all very exclusive clubs that most people need connections to get into.

One possible explanation for the high number of check-ins is “brag factor.” Or in other words, the high profile of these clubs encourages a larger percentage of visitors to check-in on social media as a means of bragging to their friends.

Another club that may appear to have a surprisingly high number of check-ins is the Boom Boom Room. Given the club’s uber exclusive status- most people would probably expect a lower number of check-ins for this club. However, the high number of check-ins is not surprising when you consider that the club is open to the public before 10pm– a fact that greatly increases the number of people who are able to visit the club.

this same reasoning also helps to explain PHD’s high number of check-ins (it too is open to the public before a certain hour).

Clubs with a lower number of check-ins than expected:

A couple surprises where Southside and Lil Charlie’s.  We expected to see a higher number of check-ins for both of these clubs.  However, the relatively compact size of these clubs and somewhat lower profile in the media may help explain the lower number of check-ins.

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