Parties in NYC Tonight

Looking for some NYC parties to check out tonight?

Well– we’ve got you covered– no matter what day of the week ‘tonight’ happens to be.

Read on for our guide to partying in NYC any night of the week.



Monday night is home to some of the best ‘industry night’ parties in NYC.

These are the parties with the tightest doors. The parties that celebrities go to. The ones that are popular with fashion models, pro athletes and musicians.

If you want to check them out– you’ll need to be ready to charm your way past the doorman.

Check out our list of Monday Night NYC Parties


There are a couple of clubs in NYC that have really amazing Tuesday night parties– they tend to be pretty exclusive and have some really attractive crowds.

check out the full list of Tuesday Night NYC Parties


Wednesday Night NYC

Wednesday is one of the slowest days of the week for nightlife- but there are still some excellent parties if you know where to look.

Read our guide to Wednesday Night NYC Parties


Thursday Night NYC

Thursday nights are a huge night for parties in NYC.  You can go to pretty much any club or lounge on our site (and even some that are not on our site) and expect a great party.

Unlike Sunday through Wednesday, where you might just want to pick a place that won’t be dead, on Thursday we recommend that you pick a place that is more suited to your preferences.

Several clubs have a particularly great Thursday night party- to find out which ones they are check out our guide to Thursday Night NYC Parties


Friday Night NYC

Picking a club on Friday is a little different than picking one during the week.

We recommend picking a place that is suited to your preferences in terms of music, crowd, energy & exclusivity.

Read our guide below to find out our pick for Friday night.
Friday Night NYC Clubs & Parties


Saturday Night NYC

Saturdays are just like Fridays. In our opinion, it is best to stick to places that are suited to your preferences in terms of music, crowd, energy & exclusivity.
Saturday Night NYC Clubs & Parties



Sunday is host to some surprisingly strong parties, though the choice is limit.  Read our guide to Sunday parties so that you are sure to go to the right party.

Sunday Night NYC Parties