9 types of people that you can find in exclusive NYC clubs
Are you curious about the types of people that you can find inside NYC’s exclusive nightclub?

Well– its your lucky day…

because we have put together a comprehensive list of them.

Who knows– perhaps you’re even on it?

9 types of People that You Can Find in Exclusive NYC Clubs


The Successful Fashion Model

People you can find in NYC nightclubs - successful fashion model

Tall and rail thin with striking features, the successful fashion model is a prized guest at any NYC Nightclub. 

When you find her, she will most likely be perched atop a banquet with a nonchalant look on her face. 

Where will can spot her: Darby, Provocateur, No. 8, Electric Room, Rosebar, Boom Boom Room, Le Baron

Middle Eastern Royalty

People you can find at clubs in NYCHe wouldn’t let us take a picture, so here is one of his table instead

This type is exorbitantly wealthy, beyond the experience or imagination of most of us mere mortals. 

When you see this guy, he will most likely be surrounded by his huge security detail, a few friends, and some pretty ladies that have flocked to his table to help him consume the excessive amounts of Cristal he just purchased. 

You are likely to notice him when 10 bottles of Cristal, sparklers ablaze, make their way to his table. 

This nightlife character really likes top notch bottle service clubs.

Where you can find them:

Avenue, Provocateur or Lavo VIP Room

The Aspiring Fashion Model

People you can find in NYC nightclubs and lounges - aspiring fashion models

Young and impressionable, this girl has come to the city to ‘make it’ as a model. 

While often very pretty, for whatever reason she has yet to experience the same level of success as her counterpart, The Successful Fashion Model. 

Dressed perhaps slightly less fashionably and with less swagger, she is usually tucked away in a booth with her friends who are also aspiring models. 

Where you will find her: 1Oak, Avenue, Catch Rooftop, PH-D, Finale, Lavo), VIP Room


Young College Girls

People that You WIll Find in NYC Nightclubs

She most likely goes to FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology), but might also go to NYU; and has been captivated by the allure of New York’s Nightclubs.

This girl may be found seven nights a week at nearly any of the Manhattan’s nightclubs or lounges– but there are two at the moment that are especially popular with this crow.

Where you can find her: Southside, Riff Raffs


Wealthy International Jetsetters

People you can find at clubs in NYC - international playboys

We are not sure if these people have jobs, or how they manage to afford their jet-setting lifestyle, but what we do know is that they can be found at Manhattan’s best clubs every night of the week. 

They come from places like Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Oslo, and so on – they spend their time at places like these:

PHD, Avenue, 1Oak, Provocateur


Swanky Bankers

People that you can find in NYC clubs and lounges - Swanky Banker

Swanky bankers are an important element in the New York Nightlife scene, as they provide the ‘stimulus package’ that allows many clubs to cover their expenses. 

These guys like to patronize clubs that have the prettiest ladies, and they don’t mind shelling out thousands for bottle service.

You can find them: Darby, Avenue, 1Oak, Provocateur, Lavo, Finale, Catch Rooftop, PHD, VIP Room and The Raven

The Successful Fashion Forward Hipster

NYC Nightlife People - the fashion forward hipster
photo credit: 24hpp.com

Like the successful fashion model, the fashion forward hipster is also a prized asset at most of the top places in New York.

It is widely believed that this type posses a heightened sense of ‘what is cool’ in the city, so their presence acts as a coveted endorsement for any space which they choose to bless with their presence. 

Be they man or woman, they are always thin and effortlessly striking in appearance. 

Where you can find them: Le Baron, The Electric Room, Le Bain


The Sophisticated Socializer

A bit more mature, and perhaps a bit mysterious, this type appears to be quite successful and is often found using his considerable charm to entertain several attractive female accomplices.

This type does not have to disgrace himself by attempting to ‘pick-up’ a girl when he is out, as women are already an effortless part of his lifestyle. 

Where you can find him: Provocateur Cafe, Electric Room, No. 8, Rosebar,Boom Boom Room)



People that You Can Find in NYC Clubs & Loungesphoto cred

Celebrities in nightlife come in many different flavors. 

Musicians and pro athletes hang out by the bar and while they may not mingle, they at least mix amongst the crowd. 

Famous actors tuck themselves away in a booth in the corner and hope not to be recognized. 

In any case, you bump into them more than you might expect in at NYC clubs. 

Where you can find them:Darby, Provocateur Café, Avenue, 1Oak, PHD, Electric Room, No. 8, Rosebar, Boom Boom Room

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