A Chart to Help You Navigate the Cliques of NYC Nightlife

When picking a nightclub in New York City, one of the most important details to get right is to make sure that you pick a club with the right type of crowd.

NYC nightclubs are notoriously cliquey, and picking one with a crowd that isn’t right for you is a sure way to waste both your money and your time.

While we all have individual preferences about what makes a great nightclub crowd– unless you have been to dozens of clubs in New York and are thoroughly familiar with the city’s nightlife offerings, then it can be hard to figure out which club has the right type of crowd for you.

In order to help you find a club with a crowd that you’re going to love —we created a chart with NYC clubs and Lounges organized by crowd type (crowd types are described below).

Click here to view a large interactive version of the chart.

We think that this chart is the simplest way to explain what type of crowd each club has.  

Description of the Different NYC Nightlife Crowd Types

Upscale — At upscale parties you will find the three ‘M’s of nightlife:  Movie Stars, Moguls, and Models.   These parties are for your international jetsetters and your millionaires.

Upscale parties are quite hard to get into—and some find them pretentious.   But, if you fit the image you will feel right at home here.

Downtown — These are your painters, poets and creative types.   Expect to find people from the art, fashion and entertainment world— probably dressed in all black.

To get a better idea of what this crowd is like, pay a visit to this website and check out some of the photos.

Young Professionals — Here you will find your young investment bankers, accountants and marketers.  They probably went to Cornell (go big red!) and they are eager to ditch their office attire and cut loose on the dance floor. 

Urban – These are your hip hop parties.  They are a mainstay of nightlife in New York and a big part of the culture.  My history is a little foggy— but I think hip hop was invented in NYC?  Whether or not that is true—urban parties in NYC are probably the best place on earth to experience hip hop culture.
View the interactive NYC Nightclub Crowd Type Chart