Best Saturday Night Clubs & Parties in NYC

There are so many good party options on a Saturday that it can be hard choose between them. We recommend that you pick a club that caters to your preferences in terms of crowd type, energy level, and exclusivity.

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At Social Yeti, we tend to prefer parties that don’t feel overcrowded as NYC Saturday parties sometimes can. That is why our Saturday picks tend to be places that are a bit more exclusive. Below are our choices for best Saturday night clubs in NYC.

Saturday Night NYC


Provocateur NYC

Provocateur NYC

Provocateur’s tight door and big spending international clientele mean that it is one of the few to maintain a good crowd on the weekend. Definitely a must, if you are able to get in.
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Le Baron

Le Baron NYC

If you like a downtown crowd, fog machines and red lighting- Le Baron is the spot for you. Just make sure you bring something to fend away the giant Chinatown rats as you make your way to the club.
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Electric Room

Electric Room NYC

Electric room is the party destination of choice for those who are in the know about NYC nightlife. This club is good every night of the week- while at the same time it never feels overcrowded.
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Boom Boom Room

Exclusive Party at the Top of the Standard - AKA the Boom Boom Room

The Boom Boom Room (aka the Top of the Standard) has a great Saturday party that never feels too crowded. In fact, parties here are usually on the mellow side. One of the great things about going to the Boom Boom Room is that if thing are too slow for you- you can just head across the hall to Le Bain, where the party is usually more lively.
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Lavo NYC

Lavo NYC

Lavo’s Saturday night party is one of the club’s best nights. Unlike other nights of the week- the club does not offer pre-sale tickets, which enables the club maintain a quality crowd.
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