Best Clubs on a Thursday Night in NYC

If you are trying to pick a club on a Thursday night in NYC– you’re in luck, because there are plenty of good options.

Thursday (in addition to Friday and Saturday) is one of the most popular nights of the week to go out and nearly any place that you go is going to be well attended.  

We recommend that you pick from any of the venues that we cover on this site according to your tastes (read our guide about how to pick the right venue for you here).

If you want to look for the places that are particularly good on Thursday, check the list below (in no particular order)

Thursday Night NYC


Provocateur NYC

Provocateur Cafe NYC

Provocateur – Thursday is a big night for Provocateur, as the club frequently brings in big name international DJs.  Past DJs that we have seen there include a who’s who of the DJ scene (Tiesto, Deadmaus, Calvin Harris, Pete Tong and so on).  

DJs that usually perform to sold out crowds of thousands perform for 200 or so lucky individuals in an experience that is absolutely top notch.  Note, however, that you will have to make reservations in order to get in and that it will cost you big time on nights with big name DJs performing.

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Lavo NYC

Thursday nights are when Lavo pulls out all the stops.  The club hosts a big name DJ almost every Thursday, which brings in an A-list crowd.  On nights with big DJs, Lavo is extremely popular- You will most likely need bottle service to gain entry, unless you have looks or connections ‘like that.’

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Avenue NYC

Avenue is one of New York’s most in-demand bottle service clubs. Expect an attractive crowd, and high table minimums at this Thursday night party.

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1Oak NYC

1Oak again makes our list due to the unwavering strength of its late night party.  Come 2:00am, this is the place that you want to be, although the party can be a bit slow earlier in the evening.

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