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What You Need to Know About New York Nightclub Guest Lists

What Guest lists are:

  • One of several methods used to decide who gets into an exclusive party
  • Very important at some clubs, not important at others
  • Only important for people who the door manager may not recognize as ‘regulars’

Guest lists are not:

  • A guaranteed way to get in
  • The only way to get in
  • Required to be on for entry
  • Equally important at every club

The inclusion of your name on a club’s guest list is merely one of several factors that an exclusive club uses to decide who gets in and who doesn’t.  Other factors include your image, your attitude, the size of your group, how much you have committed to spend, how busy it is on that particular night and, perhaps, the door manager’s blood sugar level.

By no means is it required to be on a guest list to get into an NYC nightclub, and by no means does being on a guest list guarantee that you will get in.

Even if you are on the list you must still dress in a way that attempts to match the club’s desired image and portray yourself as someone that is going to ‘add to the room’ instead of subtract from it.

When is it important to be on a guest list?

As was mentioned before, certain clubs rely heavily on guest lists, while at other clubs your image, or other factors are more important factors for gaining entry.

Some places will let you in regardless of other factors if you’re name is on the list, while others seem to pay little attention to who is on the guest list.

NYC Clubs where guest list reservations are essential:
NYC Clubs where image is essential:
How to get on a guest list

There are three basic ways that a person can get on the guest list, two of those ways require having connections to someone with the power to put you on the guest list.

#1 Getting on the guest list through a promoter – Getting on the guest list through a promoter can be a great way to get into an exclusive club- but is not an option that is available to everybody.

There are many promoters in NYC that will claim to be able to put just about anybody into the most exclusive parties in town; however, the truth is that often times they will not have enough ‘pull’ to really get you past the door man.

#2 Getting on the guest list through connections with the owner / manager – This option is also only available to people who personally know someone at a club who has the power to put them on the guest list- If you are reading this guide, then chances are you don’t have these kinds of connections.

#3 Making bottle service reservations in advance – The only way for someone without contacts in the industry to get on the list at an exclusive club is to make bottle service reservations.  If you want a premium experience and are determined to spend your night at an exclusive club – you can either try your chances with the door manager or make bottle service reservations.

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