New York Nightclubs that Are Not All About Bottle Service

Maybe your face got burned by an obnoxious bottle service client waving around a sparkler as he took delivery of some champagne.

Maybe someone’s stiletto heel punched a hole through your foot.  Maybe you don’t have a reason, you’re just tired of bottle service clubs.

If that is the case, than any one of these clubs could be just the place for your next night out.

What makes these clubs & lounges different than ‘bottle service clubs’?

Can you buy bottles there?  yes, you can.  But the difference is in the attitude.  No they are not delivered with sparklers, they are delivered with much more reserve and discretion.  

At these clubs & lounges, bottle service is not the focus. These places are much more about the people, much more about the music and less about Las Vegas style theatrics that you might find at traditional bottle service clubs.

so if you are over that whole models and bottles scene

Manhattan Nightclubs and Lounges That Are Not ‘Bottle Service’ Clubs


Electric Room

electric room nyc

Located in the basement of the Dream Hotel Downtown, hanging out at The Electric Room feels more like partying in the living room of an English rockstar than it does a night out at a nightclub.
Details About Electric Room:

  • Plenty of dark knooks to have a close conversation in, while at the same time ample space to dance if the mood strikes you
  • A favored spot of celebs, the downtown New York crowd, and successful international types

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Le Baron NYC

Le Baron NYC

This downtown club features a three story layout, each with is own feel.  The top floor balcony has plenty of small tables to sit and talk with your friends, the main floor has a large dance floor and the cellar has a compact dance floor as well as plenty of seating
Articles & Info Related to Le Baron:

  • One of our top choices to hear cutting edge music
  • Did you get rejected last time that you tired to go? find out why

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    Le Bain

    Le Bain NYC

    Le Bain is a pretty popular destination for the young fashion crowd. Once you’re inside– the vibe isnt pretentious at all– and the drinks are actually pretty reasonably priced.
    Quick Facts About Le Bain: