Best Hunting Arrows Reviews For The Money – 2018

When bow season comes along, you don’t want to find yourself on the sidelines. You also don’t want to come up empty because you’ve got the wrong equipment with you out in the woods. Time spent on finding the best hunting bow to meet your needs is an investment well worth making, but so is the time you’ll take reading through this guide to find the best hunting arrows.

Top 3 Best Hunting Arrows: Editor’s Pick 

Hunting Arrows
Hunting Arrows Model
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Huntingdoor Black Feather Wooden Shaft
Carbon Express Mutiny Fletched
Easton Genesis II Arrows, BLUE

You need arrows that will fly straight and true. You need arrows made with a strong alloy so your trajectory remains consistent. In short, you need hunting arrows like the models listed in the chart below.

Best Hunting Arrows Reviews:

1. Huntingdoor Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows

These arrows are good for a draw weight of up to 65 pounds. They’re nocked and fletched so they’re ready to shoot and are perfect for standard hunting practices. These hunting arrows are a little heavy since they have a wood shaft with metal heads, but we found that they worked well once you got used to their feel. The impact of these arrows is impressive, especially within 25 yards, and is fairly forgiving with each shot. We definitely recommend them to anyone how is going out bow hunting this season, whether you’re a veteran or this is your rookie season.

2. Carbon Express Mutiny Fletched Carbon Arrows with 2-Inch NRG-2 Vanes

You’ve got 3 spine options with this set of carbon arrows, each which has been laser-checked to make sure that it is remarkably straight. We loved the high polish finish on these arrows because they create a draw that is remarkably quiet. These hunting arrows are also easy to remove from your target if necessary and do a good job of penetration for that clean kill you want. Just watch the fletching on each arrow to make sure you receive a consistent shot every time you draw.

3. Easton Genesis II Arrows, BLUE

These are the perfect hunting arrows for those who haven’t been out for a season before. They work best at lighter draw weights, under 35 pounds from our experience, which makes them suitable for target practice and some short range stationary hunting. These aren’t the arrows that will typically take down big game, but they do have a certain sturdiness to them that you only find in the best practice arrows. Because these arrows are so light, take care in aiming as you can inadvertently launch them much further than you might realize.

4. Huntingdoor Pheasant Feathers Wooden Hunting Arrows

These wood shaft hunting arrows are one of the best options we’ve found in this category for the traditional experience. Fletched with turkey feathers, they come ready to shoot with standard metal heads attached. Length can be somewhat variable, but all are 30-33 inches in this six pack of arrows. Rated to a 65 pound draw weight, we’ve seen public reviews say they work well with an 80 pound draw on a regular basis. Just watch the heads since they’re affixed with a small nail that can begin to work itself loose.

5. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

These are the arrows that you’ll want if you plan to go crossbow hunting, if allowed. You receive a precision shot every time with the consistent craftsmanship on each bolt. Made from a carbon alloy, these hunting arrows are also surprisingly heavy. Flat nicks are included if you prefer them instead of the half-moon nicks that come with the arrows. We found the best shots came under 30 yards, with 15-20 yard shots being extremely consistent. We had to aim lower with our crossbow with these arrows for a precise shot, however, so be prepared to make some adjustments.

What Are Hunting Arrows and Why Do I Need Them?

Firing the correct arrow when out hunting is critical to the amount of success you’ll be able to experience. Having the best hunting arrows in your quiver will give you the right tool to use to hit your target accurately and with the right level of penetration. In looking at the arrows made today, you’ll find that most of them are made from one of 3 materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

  • Aluminum arrows. These are often the most inexpensive hunting arrows. They’re lightweight and strong and can be modified to match the exact tolerances of your bow pretty easily. Aluminum arrows often come in several different weight categories and have a relatively pure flight trajectory.
  • Carbon arrows. These hunting arrows are even lighter than aluminum alloys, which makes them very popular for long-distance hunting. Higher speeds can create higher penetration when the right arrowhead is on the arrow due to the flatter trajectory these arrows can achieve.
  • Wood arrows. Although these arrows are often heavier and slower than their modern counterparts, you can still receive an effective level of momentum when you fire one. If you prefer traditional hunting methods, make sure your bow can handle the weight of the wood hunting arrows that you prefer. 

The material of the arrow shaft isn’t the only thing to consider when looking for the best hunting arrows. There is also a need to look at the fletching on the arrow. Can you adjust the fletching materials to create a truer flight? Is it the right thickness or in the right configuration for the hunting you’re doing this year? 

Fletching can be made of plastic, rubber, or even feathers and each will affect the spiral of the arrow and how straight it flies. The best hunting arrows are only as good as the vanes that have been affixed to them. This helpful guide to selecting the right vane and fletching for your arrows will help to take you through this part of the decision-making process. 

How to Find the Best Hunting Arrows

When looking at arrows for hunting, the primary debate is this: lightweight vs. heavy arrows. The weight of your arrow is the most important consideration because it will affect target penetration. When you’re bow hunting, your goal is to achieve a clean hit that goes through the target so as to produce a blood trail that is profuse. When this happens, the death of the target is quicker and considered more humane.

Arrow speed is important, but it isn’t the only consideration in the hunting equation. One must also consider the weight of the arrow and the kinetic energy it has so you can calculate the momentum your arrow or bolt will have as it heads to the target. Why does momentum matter?

Let’s say we have a ½ inch sheet of plywood in the backyard. Now you’ve got 3 balls to throw at the plywood. You’ve got a racquetball, a baseball, and a medicine ball. The lightweight arrows for hunting are much like the racquetball. Throw it at the plywood and it will quickly hit the target and bounce off of it. Why? Because although you have a lot of speed that can be achieved with this lightweight and flexible ball, there isn’t enough penetration momentum behind it to do any damage.

The medicine ball is much heavier, but that weight reduces its overall momentum over long distances. If you’re standing three feet away from the plywood, you’ll probably break it. Stand 30 feet away and you probably won’t even get it there. Heavy arrows are wonderful for short-range shots and can give you the one shot, one kill you want. Otherwise they may not be useful at all.

The baseball, however, can hit the target from short or long distances. You can hit a specific target regularly with practice. Throw it hard enough from 3 feet or 30 feet and you’ve got a chance to break the plywood. This is the same principle for your hunting arrows. Find the arrows with the best momentum and you’ll find the best hunting arrows.

Want to know what your preferred hunting arrows will have in regards to momentum? This kinetic energy and momentum calculator will help you figure that number out.

What Are the Prices of the Best Hunting Arrows?

The best hunting arrows are all relatively affordable, especially when comparing their cost to the price of the best ammunition for gun hunting seasons. You’ll find entry-level fiberglass arrows can be as low as $25 per set, although these arrows are more for light hunting or target practice. High quality lightweight wood arrows may cost upwards of $75.

Most carbon or aluminum arrows for a set of 6 will typically be around $40-$50, which is what a majority of hunters prefer. Watch when shopping for hunting arrows to see if the heads are included with your purchase or if you’re just purchasing the bolt so you get the best possible value for your investment.

Final Verdict: 

The best hunting arrows are designed to give you a clean kill, consistent trajectories, and a fun experience. Open up a new season with these arrows and you’ll be able to extend your hunting enjoyment this year and for many future years to come.

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