We have covered table minimums, now let’s talk about the bottles themselves.  A bottle of premium vodka (the most common order) runs between $325 to $600 depending on the venue.  Other comparable premium spirits such as gin, tequila, whiskey or rum are similarly priced.  Standard size champagne prices range between $150 up to $1,500 (for rare vintages).  Prices reach towards $15,000 for Nebuchadnezzar (15L) sized champagne bottles.

Some clubs even have specialty large format champagne at Price $75,000 per bottle

And that is pretty much everything that you need to know about bottle service prices in NYC.   Bottle service is a premium experience and that is reflected in the price.  Yes, the price may be high, but it is comparable to what one might expect to pay (per person) for premium tickets to a Broadway show, concert or sports event.

The short answer is that bottle service costs roughly $50 to $1,000 plus tax and 20% gratuity- per person.

Your price will vary based on a variety of factors– but you can follow these basic rules of thumb when thinking about how much bottle service will cost you:

  • Bottle service prices start at about $50 – $125 per person at any club that is worth going to
  • Popular clubs that have a lot of demand for bottle service typically charge more than $200 per person
  • On the most popular nights (like during fashion week- or when celebs are in town) prices can easily reach over $1000 per person


When you make bottle service reservations, you must agree to spend a minimum amount on bottles in exchange for a table. Table minimums at Manhattan clubs start around $250 at the low end, and go up into the thousands for more exclusive high end clubs.

Higher end exclusive clubs like most of those found in the Meatpacking district typically have table minimums starting around $1,500 plus tax and tip for up to 5 people.

The more people you bring, the higher your table minimum.

Table minimums are influenced by a number of factors, and vary considerably from night to night. The only way to know for sure what a table will cost on the night you want to go out is to ask for a quote.


Depending on the club you go to, or how you book your reservations, table minimums are set by either the VIP bottle host, club manager, or the door manager.  When setting table minimums, there are a variety of factors that are considered.


There are many factors that influence table minimums- and as with any free market, the price is chiefly determined by supply and demand.

lets’ take a closer look at some of the variables in play:

  • Popularity of the party – Certain weekly parties are extremely popular and frequently sell out of tables several days in advance – the more in demand a party is, the higher the table minimums go.  High demand = High prices.
  • Fridays & Saturdays – As a rule of thumb, Friday & Saturday parties are more popular than their weekday counterparts- hence, expect higher table minimums on these days.  However, there are many exceptions to this rule.
  • The size of the venue –A super popular party + tiny venue with low capacity = high table minimums.  A perfect example is Goldbar’s Sunday party.
  • Big name DJs – Nights with famous DJs are when the table minimums reach the stratosphere.  We have witnessed moderately sized groups spend $15k or $20k in a night when there is a famous DJ providing the tunes. 
  • The number of people in your group – Larger groups, larger table minimums.  Minimums typically scale linearly.  For example, if a group of 10 were quoted a $2,000 minimum, then a group of 20 would likely be quoted a $4,000 minimum. 
  • The gender mix of your group – clubs don’t like groups of all guys- so they crank up the minimums on these groups


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